Disputation: Solveig Astrid Krapf

Doctoral candidate Solveig Astrid Krapf at the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, is  defending the thesis "Regulation of energy metabolism in human skeletal muscle cells and adipocytes: Effects of SENP2 knockdown and conditioned medium from human pancreatic carcinoma cells" for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor.

Solveig Astrid Krapf

Trial lecture - time and place

29.11.2022, 10.15, Auditorium, Gydas vei 8

The challenges of Sarcopenia: Characteristics, underlying mechanisms, and possible intervention strategies

Conferral summary

Energiomsetning er en grunnleggende og livsviktig prosess i alle kroppens celler, og energiomsetning ute av balanse kan være involvert i sykdommer som fedme og kreft. I denne avhandlingen har Solveig Krapf studert energiomsetning i flere typer celler. Resultatene har bidratt til økt kunnskap om mekanismene bak energiomsetning i skjelettmuskel, fettvev og kreftceller, noe som potensielt kan bidra til å identifisere nye angrepspunkter for legemidler og bedre diagnostiske muligheter for flere sykdommer. 

Main research findings

Obesity and cancer are increasing world-wide health problems. Though healthy lifestyle choices such as a balanced diet and regular exercise are effective strategies to counter the disease risks, effective treatment and preventive options are often limited. For example physical actively is not always possible and in addition, some cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, show few symptoms until progressed to a late stage. We are therefore in need of better options to treat and diagnose these conditions. In this work we look at a protein, SENP2, which previously has been shown to regulate energy metabolisms in skeletal muscle and fat tissue in rodent. Herein we revealed that SENP2 plays an important role in energy metabolism also in human skeletal muscle and fat cells, by regulating several important genes and proteins.  We also revile new insight into pancreatic cancer cell energy metabolism and how the cancer also affects energy metabolism in other tissues, such as skeletal muscle. These results will be a valuable resource to understand energy metabolism and the complex interplay between different tissues in the combat against obesity and cancer.

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