Disputation: Lisbeth Damlien Nymoen

Doctoral candidate Lisbeth Damlien Nymoen at the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, is  defending the thesis "Factors of concern regarding drug-related patient safety in emergency department - A summary of results from a randomized controlled trial and observational studies" for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor.

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Trial lecture - time and place

13.10.2022, 10.15, Auditorium, Gydas vei 8

Methods to identify patients who will benefit from clinical pharmaceutical interventions, current status and future possibilities

Conferral summary

Gjennom studier med fokus på legemiddelrelaterte innleggelser og informasjonsflyt av legemiddelinformasjon ved innleggelse i akuttmottak, presenterer denne avhandlingen ny informasjon som kan bidra til å øke pasientsikkerheten ved skifte av omsorgsnivå. I tillegg utfordrer denne avhandlingen eksiterende systemer for innhenting og vurdering av pasientens legemiddelinformasjon ved innleggelse i akuttmottak.

Main research findings

Drugs are essential to manage symptoms and slow disease progression in many conditions and also to prevent the development of future illnesses. However, drugs also have a risk of causing harm, and transitions of care are a key risk event regarding drug-related patient safety. This dissertation revealed that both incorrect drug lists and drug-related emergency department visits are critical concerns when patients are admitted to Norwegian emergency departments, as this affects 62% and 20% of patients, respectively. Further, it was revealed that integrating clinical pharmacists in the interdisciplinary team of the emergency department improves the quality of the registered drug list and can increase recognition of drug-related emergency department visits. The four studies included in this dissertation have added new knowledge regarding drug information flow, drug-related emergency department admissions, and tailoring of pharmacists-led emergency department interventions. The dissertation challenges the existing procedures for obtaining and assessing drug-related information at admission to the emergency department. Furthermore, the dissertation highlights that increased awareness, tailored interventions, and willingness to take action are necessary to address the presented factors of concern.



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