Trial lectures for assistent professor CCSE

Friday 21.5, 1415-1500: Tor Ole Odden

Friday 28.5, 0915-1000: Kirsty Dunnett

Instructions given to the lecturers:

A 45 minute lecture on friction

The lecture is intended to be given for bachelor students in the physics and astronomy program in their second semester taking the course "FYS-MEK1110 Mekanikk".

You can assume that the students have sufficient mathematical background in calculus and have had a thorough introduction of Newton's laws previously during the course.

In addition, the students are familiar with programming in Python and fundamental numerical methods, including methods for numerical integration, from earlier classes taken in their first semester.

The goal of the lecture is to introduce the concept of static and kinematic friction, including a force model.

The lecture should ideally be given in a Scandinavian language. The students are used to lectures containing active learning elements.

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