Phuong Dan Nguyen

Senior Engineer - Structure Physics
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Phone +47 22840694
Room 32:108
Visiting address FERMiO Forskningsparken Gaustadalleen 21
Postal address Postboks 1048 Blindern 0316 Oslo


  • PhD degree in Physics at University of Oslo, Norway.
  • MSc degree in Material Sciences at Changwon University, South Korea.

Academic Interests

I am an experimentalist in electron microscopy. My research focuses on structural characterization of materials at the atomic scale by combining different analytical techniques, such as high resolution TEM and STEM imaging, electron diffraction, EELS and EDS analysis. I work on a variety of materials systems from metals, semiconductors, complex oxides to catalysts, minerals, cells and tissues.

Job description

My major responsibilities are providing technical and scientific support and training of students, researchers and visitors in performing analyses/experiments using advanced electron microscopy; developing, installing, implementing, maintenance and protection of the TEM infrastructure. I’m also responsible for initiating and developing long term competence in a wide range of advanced TEM techniques in the Structure Physics group. 

    Tags: Transmission electron microscopy, Nanomaterials, Thin film deposition




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    • Kjeldby, Snorre Braathen; Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Haug, Kristian; Galeckas, Augustinas; Jensen, Ingvild Julie Thue & Thøgersen, Annett [Show all 8 contributors for this article] (2021). EELS and SEM-CL investigations of ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles and iron-decorated inversion domain boundaries in bulk ZnO.
    • Elgvin, Cana; Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Both, Kevin Gregor; Vines, Lasse & Prytz, Øystein (2021). Crystallographically oriented ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles in ZnO thin films .
    • Vasquez, Geraldo Cristian; Bazioti, Kalliopi; Galeckas, Augustinas; Johansen, Klaus Magnus H; Granerød, Cecilie Skjold & Nguyen, Phuong Dan [Show all 8 contributors for this article] (2019). Luminescent properties of Zn2GeO4 nanoparticles embedded in ZnO.
    • Haug, Kristian; Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Karlsen, Ole Bjørn; Aarholt, Thomas; Bazioti, Kalliopi & Prytz, Øystein (2019). Zinc ferrite spinel embedded in ZnO matrix for solar applications.
    • Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Granerød, Cecilie Skjold; Aarseth, Bjørn Lupton; Bazioti, Kalliopi; Azarov, Alexander & Svensson, Bengt Gunnar [Show all 8 contributors for this article] (2019). Structural and optical properties of individual Zn2GeO4 particles embedded in ZnO.
    • Prytz, Øystein; Karlsen, Ole Bjørn; Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Carvalho, Patricia A. & Lundell, Martin Egge (2018). Illustrert vitenskap. [Journal]. Bilder.
    • Aarholt, Thomas; Sky, Thomas Neset; Nguyen, Phuong Dan & Prytz, Øystein (2018). Low-kV EELS band gapmeasurements on indium monolayer structures in ZnO.
    • Granerød, Cecilie Skjold; Zhan, Wei; Aarseth, Bjørn Brevig; Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Johansen, Klaus Magnus H & Vines, Lasse [Show all 7 contributors for this article] (2016). Bandgap measurements by STEM-EELS.
    • Granerød, Cecilie Skjold; Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Gunnæs, Anette Eleonora & Prytz, Øystein (2016). The Structure Physics group.
    • Lervik, Adrian; Bjørheim, Tor Svendsen; Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Diplas, Spyridon; Haugsrud, Reidar & Gunnæs, Anette Eleonora (2016). Chemical and Structural Investigations of Grain Boundaries in Y-Doped BaZrO3.
    • Granerød, Cecilie Skjold; Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Zhan, Wei; Monakhov, Edouard & Prytz, Øystein (2015). Band gap measurements by STEM-EELS.
    • Granerød, Cecilie Skjold; Nguyen, Phuong Dan; Zhan, Wei; Monakhov, Edouard & Prytz, Øystein (2015). High Energy Resolution EELS on ZnO/Cu2O Heterostructures.
    • Roaldset, Elen; Bering, Dag; Aerts, Maarten & Nguyen, Phuong Dan (2014). Kaolinite Group minerals from weathered anorthosite, SW Norway.
    • Bergli, Jørgen; Prytz, Øystein; Nguyen, Phuong Dan & Karlsen, Ole Bjørn (2021). Solid state precipitation of spinels in zinc oxide - A microstructure study. Universitetet i Oslo, Det matematisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet.
    • Wiken Langfeldt, Sindre; Prytz, Øystein; Karlsen, Ole Bjørn & Nguyen, Phuong Dan (2015). Syntese og karakterisering av termoelektriske halv-Heusler materialer av typen (Ti,Zr,Hf)NiSn. Universitetet i Oslo.
    • Nguyen, Dan Phuong (2013). Synthesis and characterisation of sputtered thin films for renewable energy purposes. Det matematisk naturvitenskapelige fakultet.

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