Einar Sagstuen

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Phone +47 228 55653
Mobile phone +47 957 98170
Room KV340
Visiting address N-0371 Oslo Chemistry building Sem Saelandsv. 26
Postal address P.O. Box 1048 Blindern N-0316 Oslo

Academic Interests

The major areas of scientific interests are: Radiation physics, radiation biophysics, and medical physics. This includes: 

  •  Effects of radiation on biological macromolecules amd model systems: 
  1. Radiation induced reduction and oxidation of DNA 
  2. Charge transport in DNA,
  3. Proton transfers between ionized base pair components in DNA
  4. Energy transfer between DNA and proteins 
  5. Quantum chemical calculations on model systems
  • Radiation dosimetry:
  1.  EPR spektroscopy and dosimetry  
  2.  Properties of alanine for EPR dosimetry
  3.  Development and testing of new materials for EPR dosimetry.
  •  EPR-spektroscopy:
  1.  Methodical and theoretical developments
  2.  Instrumentation.
Tags: biomedical physics, biophysics, radiation biophysics, EPR spectroscopy, dosimetry, medical physics, radiation physics, magnetic resonance, ESR spectroscopy
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