Technical/Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Arvid Andreassen Andreassen, Arvid Principal Engineer +47 22856001
Picture of Lars Bernhardsen Bernhardsen, Lars Head of Office +47 22856429 +47 99241284
Picture of Viktor Mihaly Bobal Bobal, Viktor Mihaly Senior Engineer +47 22852892 SMN, Semiconductors
Picture of Kjell Martin Danielsen Danielsen, Kjell Martin Senior Engineer +47 22855014 Particle physics, ATLAS, CERN, Safety Deputy, Purchase
Picture of Halvor Dolva Dolva, Halvor Head Engineer +47-22859180 +47-92492053 Semiconductor physics, LENS, SMN
Picture of Ole Dorholt Dorholt, Ole Senior Engineer +47 22857715
Eriksen, Bjørn Karsten Principal Engineer +47 22857786
Hallaråker, Ragnhild Svellingen Head Engineer
Hansen, Anthony Løvhaug Principal Engineer
Hegg, Sverre Andre Principal Engineer +47 22856009
Picture of Janne Kvifte Hoff Hoff, Janne Kvifte Adviser +47 22856045
Picture of Yi Hu Hu, Yi Senior Engineer +47 22854194 instrumentation, microfluidic, fluorescence microscopy, physics
Picture of Mihailo Jankov Jankov, Mihailo Senior Engineer +47 22856539 instrumentation, magneto-optics, AMCS, physics, Flow, porous media
Joten, Vegard Munkeby Senior Engineer +47 22856445 +47 97785631 Electronic Instrumentation, AV services, Purchasing, Fire Safety
Picture of Ole Bjørn Karlsen Karlsen, Ole Bjørn Senior Engineer +47 22840669
Kristiansen, Simen Principal Engineer +47 22856013
Picture of Maren Charlotte Lithun Lithun, Maren Charlotte Senior Engineer Mechanics, Prototyping, Simulations, CAD
Picture of Dag Magnus Loose Loose, Dag Magnus Principal Engineer +47 22856424 +47 91551264 91551264 HMS, Innkjøp
Picture of Bjørn Lybekk Lybekk, Bjørn Senior engineer (+47) 2285 5642 (+47) 957 34 295 bjorn.lybekk AT Space Physics, Aurora, Satellites, GPS-disturbances
Picture of Hilde Lynnebakken Lynnebakken, Hilde Information officer + 47 22 85 64 26 + 47 48 20 52 20 Communication, Research communication, Web editor, social media
Picture of Helena Båserud Mathisen Mathisen, Helena Båserud Adviser 22855944
Picture of Espen Murtnes Murtnes, Espen Student Officer 22856407
Picture of Stein Stabelfelt Nielsen Nielsen, Stein Stabelfelt
Picture of Lise Marie Nygaard Nyberg Nyberg, Lise Marie Nygaard
Picture of Line Trosterud Resvold Resvold, Line Trosterud Higher Executive Officer +47 22855442 Reception, Disputation, Purchaser
Picture of Jonas Skara Ringnes Ringnes, Jonas Skara Head Engineer +47 22856047
Rønning, Vegard Senior Engineer
Picture of Joe Alexander Sandvik Sandvik, Joe Alexander Senior Engineer +47 22856441
Picture of Andrey Semchenkov Semchenkov, Andrey Senior Engineer - Nuclear and Energy Physics +47-22855488 +47-22855076 +47-22856453 Cyclotron, Control systems, Programming
Sigurdsson, William Nævdal Head Engineer
Sobas, Pawel Andrzej Senior Engineer
Solbak, Simen Rendalsvik Head Engineer Product development, CAD, prototyping, Mechanics, Simulations, 3D-printing, I-Lab
Picture of Grete Stavik-Døvle Stavik-Døvle, Grete Administrative Manager +47 22856423 studieadministrasjon, Godkjenning, Opptak, studiekvalitet, Studieplaner, Studieveiledning, Utveksling
Picture of Halvor Strøm Strøm, Halvor Head Engineer +47 228 56440
Picture of Christine Sundtveten Sundtveten, Christine Adviser +47 22854425
Teigen, Morten Principal Engineer +47 22856046
Picture of Christian Thorn Thorn, Christian Senior Executive Officer +47 22858475
Picture of Espen Trondsen Trondsen, Espen Senior Engineer +47 22857371 +47 93249035
Tørudbakken, Vebjørn Harnes Senior Executive Officer +47 22854419
Picture of Jon Wikne Wikne, Jon Senior Engineer +47-22856153 +47-22855076 +47-92285776 ALICE, Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory, Electronics, IT support for research, Measurement and control systems