Scanning Probe Microscope

The Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the University of Oslo (UiO MiNaLab) is equipped with a Nanonics CryoView 2000 scanning probe microscope (SPM) capable of topography mapping with nanometer in-plane resolution and sub-nanometer height resolution when operating in atomic force microscopy (AFM) mode.

Qualitative measurements of the local resistivity of (semi)conducting samples can be simultaneously obtained when operating the instrument in scanning spreading resistance microscopy (SSRM) mode. The applications of SSRM include the determination of dopant distributions and pn-junction delineation in semiconductor materials. An open-loop sample cooling system allows measurements at temperatures down to 80 K in high vacuum (<  1 x 10-7 torr).

Measurement Modes

Note that the Nanonics SPM is based on the tuning fork principle (and not the more conventional beam-bounce technique). Measurements can be carried out in the temperature range of 80 – 300 K.

  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM).
  • Scanning spreading resistance microscopy (SSRM).

Instrument Features

  • Stage accommodating flat samples (< 70 g) of approx. 40 mm diameter and 3 mm height.
  • Measurements at temperatures 80 – 300 K.
  • Measurements in atmospheric pressure or high vacuum.
  • AFM probes with 20 nm tip radius.
  • Pt/Ir SSRM probes with 200 nm tip radius.
  • Proprietary measurement software but files can be exported in the WsXM .stp format.

Sample Preparation Equipment

  • JEOL Cooling Cross Section Polisher, IB-19520CCP.
  • Mechanical polishing. Rough samples can be mechanically polished with lapping films or spray-based abrasives prior to measuring.

Separate training sessions are required for the polishing equipment.


The Scanning probe microscope is available for rent with or without an operator. Prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK) excl. VAT. All prices are subject to change.

User Category Price without operator/hour Price with operator/hour
Academia 500 NOK 1250 NOK
Start-up 625 NOK 1725 NOK
Industry 750 NOK 1850 NOK

The reduced fees for start-up companies are available for the first 24 months after start-up. Training costs are currently covered by NorFab.


Published May 3, 2021 11:13 PM - Last modified June 4, 2021 9:38 AM