New procurements

UiO MiNaLab provides access to state-of-the-art scientific instruments for research and development work in micro- and nanotechnology. Our infrastructure is available to the emerging micro- and nanosystems industry in Norway and the Norwegian and EU research community.

Below an overview of the new procurements in UiO MiNaLab, as part of the NorFab III project is given. The procurement list includes both instruments already installed and operational, as well as planned investments with estimated delivery time.

DektakXT-A stylus profilometer

Photo: Vegard S. Olsen.

A new stylus profiler has been installed in the UiO MiNaLab cleanroom. The system is a Bruker DektakXT Advanced System (DXT-A) with motorized and computer controlled XY-stage. The system has a 2 μm radius stylus, anodized black 4–6-inch wafer vacuum chuck, stitching capabilities, 2D stress measurement capability and 3D mapping collection and analysis capability. The instrument is installed and operational.

ELAS laser processing system

illustration of a machine
Photo: Vegard S. Olsen

The system is an ELAS Mini MASTER PSG-532, bought through the Swedish company Gammadata. The system has a 532 nm laser with an average power of 20W. The system is equipped with a XY laser scanner system, with a spot size of <50 μm, and a maximum scribing field of 160×160 mm. An optical camera system enables automatic Z-alignment of the sample, and an internal dust and fume extraction system are also installed. The instrument is installed and in operation.

X-ray source for in-situ XPS (Flextura)

      Photo: Simon Cooil.

A high-performance X-ray source allowing for XPS measurements in the Flextura analysis chamber. The X-ray source is a Specs XR 50, Al/Mg dual anode source with the possibility to switch between the two different incident energies without the need to vent the system. The maximum power is 400W for Al and 300W for Mg. The X-ray source is installed and operational.

Photo: Polyteknik.
Photo: Polyteknik.

A Polyteknik Tornado electron beam (E-beam) PVD system with load-lock to ensure reduced pump-down time and thus more time-efficient depositions. The system has a Ferrotec E-beam source, with 8x12 cc crucibles. The system will replace the Leybold e-beam system, and is scheduled to be installed at MiNaLab in December 2021.