Disputation: Henrik Andersen Sveinsson

Henrik Andersen Sveinsson at the Department of Physics will be defending the thesis 

"Molecular dynamics modeling of mechanical failure processes in methane hydrates"


for the degree of PhD

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Trial lecture - time and place

Trial lecture: 10:15 am in Auditorium 2, Kjemibygningen


Adjudication Committee

  • Professor Fernando Bresme, Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London, UK
  • Professor Valeria Molinero, Department of Chemistry, University of Utah, USA
  • Associate Professor Øystein Prytz, Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway



Chair of defence

  • Head of Department Jøran Moen



  • Professor Anders Malthe-Sørenssen. University of Oslo
  • Professor Bjørn Jamtveit, University of Oslo


Additional information

Press release.



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