Instrumentation in Oslo

The Oslo node has two key TEM instruments, the FEI Titan G2 60-300 ​and JEOL JEM-2100F, in addition to a well equipped TEM specimen preparation lab.

FEI Titan G2 60-300

Optimized for sub-Angstrom spatial resolution STEM imaging and chemical analysis. Capable of in-situ microscopy, studying materials dynamically at atomic resolution using heat, electrical biasing, and in gas atmosphere. Monochromated to achieve high energy resolution for spectroscopy.


machine with lights on
Optimal for high spatial resolution TEM imaging and diffraction analysis. Providing quick and easy access to structural and chemical studies of wide range of materials, from biomaterials to semiconductors and catalysts.

TEM specimen preparation

two people working on machines
The TEM lab is well equipped with sample preparation tools for cutting, grinding and ion milling samples. There is also easy access to glove box, furnaces, focus ion beam, and plasma cleaner.