Swarm team @ ESTEC

The Swarm team goes to ESTEC to discuss the project progress.

The UiO Swarm team at ESTEC.

The Swarm team from the 4DSpace SRI/UiO traveled to ESTEC in the Netherlands between 14-15 January 2016. They discussed the progress of the project with ESA representatives, and future prospects of the project. This was a successful meeting. Within our Swarm+ Innovation project we develop Polar Cap Products (PCP) based on the in-situ data from the Swarm satellites. The project is supported by the European Space Agency, through STSE Swarm+ Innovation. 


You can read more about Swarm+ Innovation, Polar Cap Products project at the project websites.


PCP (Polar Cap Products) is a project funded by the European Space Agency (Contract No. 4000114121/15/NL/MP) in the framework of the STSE (Support To Science Element) Swarm + Innovation Program.


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