Design of a Prototype Communication System for the CubeSTAR Nano-satellite

Johan L. Tresvig: Master thesis: Communications subsystem.

This thesis describes the design and implementation of a prototype communication sub-system for the CubeSTAR satellite.


The report presents the realization of a semi-duplex UHF transceiver compatible to the GENSO network. Applicable antenna solutions for the satelliteis discussed with regards to directivity, polarization, operational redundancy and payload requirements, a double dipole antenna configuration is proposed for the satellite.

The CubeSTAR satellite is a student satellite project initiated at the University of Oslo in late 2008. The satellite will carry a scientific payload called multiple Needle Langmuir Probe. The m-NLP is an experimental instrument designed at the UiO. The instrument is used to measure the electron density in the ionosphere. The m-NLP is previously been tested at ESTECs plasma lab and flown on the ICI-2 sounding rocket.


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By Johan L. Tresvig
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