The Dayside Auroral Observation Program

The Dayside Auroral project is based on optical observations of the dayside auroral oval above Svalbard during polar night mid-winter.

We have three All-Sky cameras operating in Svalbard, two at the Sverdrup Station at Ny-Ålesund, one at the Kjell Henriksen Observatory outside Longyearbyen, an one at ALOMAR at Andøya.

By these We have also one GPS receiver measuring the ScintilTotal Electron Content (TEC).

We are also running the ICI-rocket program (investigation of cusp irregularities) which is a space weather mission, to study instabilities and electron plasma structuring within the cusp auroral oval and polar cap patches. Rocket and optical measurements are combined with experiments at EISCAT Svalbard Radar. 


The optical data will be available on the Global Auroral Imaging Access (GAIA) database.


To coordinate data taking for polar cap space weather studies during solar cycle 24, we have established a PICCAP 24 working group: Polar Ionosphere Cusp CAP solar cycle 24.

Published Feb. 15, 2011 2:50 PM - Last modified May 27, 2013 3:34 PM