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Norway and Japan collaboration on nuclear shapes and resonances in research and education

This partnership project will strengthen the research and education collaboration of UiO with the University of Tokyo, Konan University and RIKEN Nishina Center in Japan.

The goal of this project is to make it possible for master and PhD students to participate in cutting-edge research, intensive nuclear physics summer schools, and strengthen international collaborations. It runs from 2019 through 2022, and collaborates with the project "Nuclear shapes and resonances".

Due to international travel restrictions from 2020 to current date, only parts of the planned activities have been able to run. For an exhaustive list, please check the menu of events, student exchanges and summer schools on the left-hand side.


  • Strengthen the collaboration, both scientifically and educational, of UiO with the University of Tokyo (Japan), RIKEN (Japan), and Konan University (Japan).
  • Increase master and PhD student participation in cutting-edge research, including complimentary experiments at RIKEN (Japan), Springer8, and the new OSCAR infrastructure at the Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory.
  • Make student exchanges, on all levels, easier and more available by working out good agreements and defining pre-approved bachelors courses.
  • Organize workshops and collaboration meetings, as well as arranging two-week intensive courses on important subjects within nuclear physics aimed at masters- and PhD students.

Work Packages


Perform excellent research with increased student participation in experiments using
OSCAR at OCL and complementary experiments in Japan at RIKEN and NewSUBARU facility SPring-8. hands-on training and participating in experiments provide experience for students and assure high-quality education. where students may obtain beam time and take leading roles in the experiment. There will also be collaboration meetings to discuss and plan new experiments and write up scientific results. Co-supervision of PhD students and Guest research visits are organized under this work package.


Scientific staff will collaborate to develop and teach complementary intensive courses, tailoring knowledge needed to study nuclear shapes and resonances for both masters- and PhD students. The courses will be given at RIKEN, Konan, Tokyo, and the Oslo Cyclotron organized collaboratively covering select important topics in nuclear physics, focusing on both theoretical aspects and applications to real research situations.

As part of the team, we also have C. Tellefsen UiO, who is in charge of improving natural science education at the University of Oslo and has won several prizes for excellent teaching. She will help ensure a high pedagogical quality of the courses.

Student exchange

Enabeling student exchange on all levels, with a goal to prepare excellent students to enter into our masters and PhD programs. The student administration at the
Department of Physics, University of Oslo, will be responsible for organizing this, and the student administrations from all three Universities will get together to establish good agreements by international cooperation, simplifying the  and produce a list of pre-approved courses. Please contact Grete Stavik-Døvle if you are interested in the exchange program.


The research project addresses some of the key questions of modern
nuclear physics. How does the nuclear structure change with temperature? How do nuclear shapes and the shell structure evolve across the nuclear chart toward more exotic nuclei? Providing experimental data related to these questions is essential to benchmark and improve theoretical nuclear structure models. It can furthermore have an impact on nuclear astrophysics, helping to understand how heavy elements are made in the universe and improve our understanding of reactions occurring in nuclear reactors.


The project is an international partnership for excellent education, research and innovation, INTPART.


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