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Sensorama is a research project where bachelor and master students learn about sensors and instrumentation by performing a genuine research project with a team of experienced researchers as mentors and supervisors. The students also present the results of their research in a scientific paper, which is submitted to an international journal.

This project is a part of the course: FYS3230 - Sensors and measurement technology

The 2016 student project deals with the possible use of impedance spectroscopy and near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy as a basis of a non-invasive method for determination of blood glucose. The effect on confounding variables is also studied. Follow the work on the 2016 blog (link on left side).

The 2015 student project focused on the combination of electrocardiography (ECG) and impedance cardiography (ICG) to measure the time needed for arterial blood to flow into the upper arms. Time differences between persons in different age groups was studied as a possible measure of the degree of arteriosclerosis. Please check out the blog for the 2015 project (link on left side).  



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