New high precision measurements of the cosmic charged particle rate beyond the Arctic Circle with the PolarquEEEst experiment, EEE Collaboration, M. Abbrescia, M. Arlandoo, F. Ould-Saada, E. Gramstad, E. Håland, S.A. Millerjord et al., Eur. Phys. J. C (2020) 80: 665.

ATLAS Open Data software: the development of simple-but-real HEP data analysis examples, F. Ould-Saada, CHEP2019 – Computing for high energy particle and nuclear physics, Adelaide, Australia, November 5, 2019

International Particle Physics Masterclasses - Current development to expand scope and global reach, F. Ould-Saada, CHEP2019, Adelaide, Australia, November 4, 2019

- ATLAS Open Data: Using open education resources effectively, EPS-HEP conference, Belgium, July 12, 2019

- FYS5555: Research-based particle physics, F. Ould-Saada et al., Oslo University, 2019. Course based on measurements and discoveries.

- CERN Visit, FYS5555, Building and testing muon detectors from scratch, April 8-12, 2019

- Gathering, development and description of tools for FYS5555, M. Arlandoo, 2019: Github