Industrial Liaison (IL), Dept. of Geosciences

Picture from an excursion to Ringerike in 2007. Photo: D. Karlsen/UiO

Picture from an excursion to Ringerike in 2007. Photo: D. Karlsen/UiO

IL - A forum for collabortion with the industry

The Department of Geosciences (Institutt for geofag. IG) has a long tradition in cooperating with the petroleum industry. Since 1978 one instrument in this cooperation has been Industrial Liaison (IL). The IL-cooperation is meant to function as a forum for exchange of scientific ideas (in the geosciences) and a place for industry to meet with the scientific staff, grantees and students at the Department.

The industrial partners have paid a fee and a fund has been erected. This fund supports participation at conferences and travel expenses etc for the Faculty's staff and students. Through IL the partners receive relevant published material and have access to discussions with students and staff. The IL presently encompasses 18 industry partners.

The goal of the IL is to increase the Department of Geosciences contact with the petroleum industry through this forum and collabroation.

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