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Researchers from Department of Geosciences receives FRIPRO funding

Many researchers from the Department of Geosciences received grants from Fri projektstøtte (FRIPRO) from The Research Council of Norway (NFR) this time. This was announced by NFR on 5. September. The competition for getting a FRIPRO research grant is, as usual, fierce.

Photo: Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo. Photo: GEO/gk

Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo. Photo: GEO/gk

The scheme for Ground-breaking research (FRIPRO) is an open national competitive arena for all disciplines. The funding scheme is administrated by The Research Council of Norway (NFR).

FRIPRO funds basic excellent research where the ideas for projects originate with the researchers themselves. Project support is given in all subject fields, and it is the scientific quality of the projects that determines who receives funding from the Research Council. The competition for FRIPRO funds is fierce.

More than 1,500 applications in all subjects participated in the competition. Now 82 of the applications have been granted, the Research Council writes in a press release.

The Department of Geosciences receives project support for a project for young researchers and several research projects related to the department:

Research projects:

  • Beyond Elasticity - How inelastic properties of crustal rocks control the propagation of dykes and sills in vulcanic plumbing, Olivier Galland, GEO-PGP/NJORD
  • Conditions for earthquake nucleation in the lower crust, Luca Menegon, GEO-PGP/NJORD
  • SerRateAl: The rate and mechanisms of active serpentinization of peridodites from the Semail ophiolite, Oman, John Aiken, GEO-PGP/NJORD

Young Research Talents (YFF):

  • A 100 Myr paleomagnetic data gap: Investigating anomalous behaviour of Earth's magnetic field in the middle PaleozoicAnnique van der Boon, CEED

This time NFR received more than 1,500 applications within all disciplines, and 317 of these were assessed as worthy of support. Only the best are granted support.

The quality of the applications has been assessed by 709 international experts.

The Department of Geosciences congratulates!


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