GEOHYD Lunch Seminar: The 2018 northern European hydrological drought and its drivers in a historical perspective

Welcome to our GEOHYD Lunch Seminar Friday 16th of October @ 12:15, at Dept. of Geosciences. The seminar is in Aud 2 and it is also possible to follow digitally via videolink. The speaker is Sigrid Jørgensen Bakke, Dept. of Geosciences.

Seminar by Sigrid Jørgensen Bakke, Doctoral Research Fellow, Dept. of Geosciences

Title: The 2018 northern European hydrological drought and its drivers in a historical perspective



In 2018, large parts of northern Europe were affected by an extreme drought. A better understanding of the characteristics and the large-scale atmospheric circulation driving such events is of high importance to enhance drought forecasting and mitigation. This study examines the historical extremeness of the May–August 2018 meteorological situation and the accompanying meteorological and hydrological (streamflow and groundwater) drought. Further, it investigates the relationship between the large-scale atmospheric circulation and summer streamflow in the Nordic region. Large parts of the northern Europe experienced 60-year record-breaking temperatures, linked to high-pressure systems and warm surrounding seas. Meteorological drought developed from May, and, depending on local conditions, led to extreme low flows and groundwater drought in the following months. Composite analysis of low summer streamflow and 500 mb geopotential height anomalies revealed two distinct patterns of summer streamflow variability; one in western/northern Norway and one in the rest of the region. Thus, the 2018 event was unique in that it affected most of Fennoscandia as compared to previous droughts.


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About the seminar

This seminar is offered by the Section for Geography and Hydrology, Dept. of Geosciences, University of Oslo. The GEOHYD-seminars are announced as lunch seminars so bring your lunch if you want to. 

The seminars are open for everyone interested, and especially students are welcome. 

The Lunch Seminar Team​​​
– Louise and Sigrid

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