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Basin Studies

Earth’s history, structure, and change is archived in our rocks. Through the lens of geophysics, structural geology, stratigraphy, palaeontology, and sedimentology we can reveal how our planet has changed in the past and is undergoing change today.

Fault in Sandstone, Hopeman, Scotland.  Photo: Anita Torabi, UiO

Fault in sandstone, Hopeman, Scotland.Photo: Anita Torabi, UiO

The fundamental geological processes and geophysical analysis techniques, as well as developing new, fundamental  techniques within the specific fields are target areas. Investigations on the development of sedimentary basins, their sedimentary development and compaction, faulting and fracturing, their age and provenance, and biologic signatures are in focus.

The research group for Basin Studies at the Dept of Geosciences embraces five research areas and sub groups:

Sedimentology, Structural geology, Geophysics, Palaeoclimatology, Geochronology

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