GeoSource project presentation 11. Sept. GEO, UiO

GeoSource is a new bilateral cooperation project between Norway-Brazil with duration from 2018 to 2021. All interested students and employees at Department of Geosciences are hereby invited to a presentation of the GeoSource project the 11th of September.

Partners: Federal University of Pará (UFPA), UiO, and Norsk Hydro.

Geological resources and sustainable development – learning to live in a finite world

To whom?

UiO students interested in:

  • Portuguese language course at UFPA
  • Exchange semester at UFPA
  • Field-work in hydrogeology in the Amazon Region

UiO professors & researchers interested in networking with professors at UFPA.

Program for the presentation

12:30. Project presentation (pdf), by Clara Sena & Anja Sundal (UiO)

12:45. Field-work and research in Pará (Brazil) / pdf, by Fabio Domingos and Candido Moura (UFPA)

13:25. Consumption patterns & sustainable development, by Mònica Guillen-Royo (TiK, UiO)

14:00. Coffee-break (room 016)

Contact for the GeoSource network at UiO: Clara Sena.

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