Geological resources and sustainable development – learning to live in a finite world (GeoSource)

The GeoSource project is a Norway-Brazil cooperation in higher education in Geosciences with a special focus on the links between extraction of geological resources, consumption patterns and sustainable development.

The GeoSource project offers students the possibility to do courses and internships in the Federal University of Pará (UFPA, Brazil) and UiO (Norway), and an intensive hydrogeology field-course in the Amazon Region. Norsk Hydro, with a bauxite mining facility in Paragominas (Pará, Brazil), is a network partner.

    Cooperation and activities

    Highlights of GeoSource:

    • Field-work in environmental geology and hydrogeology
    • Bridging gaps between Geosciences and Social Sciences
    • Exploring the unique features of the hydrogeology, geology and society of the Amazon Region
    • Sharing social and environmental values, and strengthening research cooperation between the project partners
    • A special edition of the course GEO4360 Field Methods in Hydrogeology is planned in Pará, in 2021
    The model show the feed back loop of use of geological resources and sustainable development in a finite world. Figure: GeoSource project.
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    Clara Sena, Dept. of Geosciences, University of Oslo

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