Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere (RemoteEx)


Field course on glaciers and permafrost, Svalbard.

The RemoteEx programme is focused on studies (and research) on remote sensing of the cryosphere (e.g., glaciers, permafrost, snow, sea ice).

The RemoteEx programme will bring together academic and public enterprise institutions in Norway, Canada and USA to improve training and knowledge exchange in remote sensing of the cryosphere.

The RemoteEx programme aims to strengthen scientific cooperation, research interaction and educational activities between the network partners.

Primary funding from Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SiU), in SiU's partnership programme for cooperation between Norwey and North America about research and education. The funding period for RemoteEx is from 2017 to 2020.

The RemoteEx programme builds on the previous CryoEx (2008-2011) and GlacioEx (2012-2016).

Partners in RemoteEx

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Short presentation 

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