The common ground – Artic Petroleum System Research (completed)

This project focuses on and wants to improve the petroleum system understanding and exploration models of petroleum resources in the Barents Sea, and the coal- & shale gas at Svalbard. The project aims to be a vehicle for circum-arctic energy enterprises into the future and have participants from UNIS, UiO and several industry partners.

Map over the Berents Sea.

About the project

With the ever increasing focus on the Arctic Region concerning also petroleum resources, and the specific Norwegian focus and need to demonstrate and show presence and activity in these areas, which also historically demands attention.  It is of  great importance that the University co-operations between UiO and UNIS is presented explicitly in terms of petroleum research.

“In the degree to which we understand the habitat of oil, and thus make short cuts to its discovery and reduction in costs, we add to the resources of reserves that can be produced economically to the benefit of mankind” - Lewis G. Weeks

It is only in actual co-operation with contributing oil companies active in this region that we can demonstrate  and prove to the outside world – through actual co-operative research – that the Industry and the Universities has a natural and long termed commitment to sound Energy Research in this region - to the benefit of the environment and the ever increasing energy demand worldwide


“The Common Ground” project is seen both as an “exhibition-window” towards the press, politicians i.e. the public domain, inasmuch as it is also a “market place” and discussion forum for exchange  of ideas and research to the benefit of the industry & ongoing research on geology and petroleum resources.

The scientific interface and outcomes of this project will contain joint scientific publications and general publications e.g. GEO ExPro, annual meetings and discussion forum at UNIS to underline the regional aspect of this jointed effort and to make this visible. It will also have activities such as excursions/field trips at Svalbard


The activities in The Common Ground - Artic Petroleum System Research project consortium are done in conjunction with the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and fits in with “Nordområde Satsningen” of the Norwegian Government and the newly opened Grey Zone towards Russia.

Sub-Projects in the consortium

  • Source rock facies variation of the Triassic; PhD project. Contact Dr. Jon Halvard Pedersen, Lundin
  • Barents Sea oils & condensates/gases; PhD project. Contact Reinert Seland, Noreco
    • This sub-project also include;
    • An oil and gas database study
    • What are the present petroleum systems and why do they work?
  • A new examination of the IKU/SINTEF/NPD Shallow core project; PhD project. Contact Ivar Gran, RWE Dea Norge AS,
    • This sub-project also include; Examination of Pet. In and SR Fm. age specific biomarkers
    • Pet. Systems in the W.Barents Sea
  • The Petroleum Systems of the Eastern Barents Sea; Contact Per Varhaug, Wintershall Norge AS
    • This sub-project also include;
      Evidences for SRs and petroleum in the Novay Zemlya Forland Basin Setting
  • Studies on pock marks; PostDoc and PhD project as master project. Contact Riko Noormets and Snorre Olaussen, UNIS and ConocoPhilips
    • This sub-project also include;
    • Studies on seeps - geochemistry and Outcrops. Contact Dag A. Karlsen, Department of Geosciencens University of Oslo and Jon Halvard Pedersen, Lundin


The project is financed by several institutions and partners, and started in 2013.


The project is a consortium of many participating research institutions and partners, mainly Department of Geosciences and UNIS but several others acording to list below:

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