Webinar June 2021

Title: Modeling of a century with tree- and forest line changes and their climate impact.

Speakers: Master students at UiO, Adam Naas and Gunnar Thorsen Liahjell.



Altitudinal tree- and forest lines have moved upslope in south Norway the last century. This is thought to initiate substantial feedback mechanisms because closed forest, sparse tree cover, and treeless tundra ecosystems have completely different effects on the climate system. However, we do not know how these changes in elevation of tree- and forest lines translates into changes in their areal extent, which is necessary for the quantification of their climate impact. In this talk, that is based on our two master projects, we will present area estimates from distribution modelling using a 100 year-data set of these tree- and forest lines, discuss their climate impact and how to quantify them.


A link to the pdf presentation by Adam Naas and Gunnar Thorsen Liahjell is available here. The recording is found here.


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Published June 1, 2021 8:09 AM - Last modified June 23, 2021 1:24 PM