Webinar September 2020 – The field season 2020 pt 1

Speaker 1: Inge Althuizen, NORCE

Title: The effects of abrupt permafrost thaw on carbon exchange in Northern Norway - current work and future directions.


Speaker 2: Aud Halbritter Reichsteiner, UiB.

Title: Data collection on biodiversity and carbon fluxes responses to warmer climate, nitrogen deposition and grazing – the first field season (Three-D project). 


Here is a link to the pdf presentation by Inge and the pdf presentation by Aud, and a recording of the zoom webinar.

Introduction to the second talk, by Aud:

Three of the most critical global change drivers are warming, nitrogen deposition, and grazing. All of these can have complex effects on biodiversity and ecosystem function, and, especially for biodiversity, effects can often be negative. For plant communities, these impacts operate through many of the same ecological pathways, involving changes in plant productivity and biomass as well as carbon cycling processes. In THREE-D we aim to combine these pathways into a single predictive framework so that we can both assess their complex interactions and, importantly, generate approaches to mitigate their combined effects on biodiversity and ecosystem function.


Two research questions will be addressed:

(i) How does grazing interact with climate warming and/or nitrogen deposition and affect biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in an alpine ecosystem?

(ii) When and at what level does grazing mitigate the effects of these two global-change drivers on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning? This summer was the first field season where we collected data on community composition, carbon fluxes, NDVI, climate data and soil parameters.

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Published Sep. 7, 2020 4:10 PM - Last modified Sep. 23, 2020 1:48 PM