Results from the project

The research done by participants in this project has so far resulted in these presentations, lectures and publications. 


1. Conferences

The EGU General Assembly EGU 2019, 7-12 April, Vienna, Austria.

  1. Zhou, Y.L., Xu, C-Y, et al. 2019. Hybrid artificial neural network, copula and hydrologic uncertainty processor for probabilistic flood forecasting. Vol. 21, EGU 2019-4974-1, 2019.
  2. Ngongondo, C., Zhou, Y.L., Xu, C-Y, 2019. Non-stationary frequency analysis of extreme Lake Malawi levels. Vol. 21, EGU 2019-5420, 2019.
  3. Li, H., Xu, C-Y, Borsányi, P., Sælthun, N.R., Braskerud, B.C., Volden, E.P., 2019. Identification of floodways by four approaches, Vol. 21, EGU 2019-7719, 2019.)

2. Lectures


  1. Xu, C-Y: Water Resources Management in a Changing world – Moving from conflict to cooperation, Keynote speech at The 8th International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research June 14th to 18th, 2019, Hohai University, Nanjing, China.
  2. Xu, C-Y: Water resources management in a changing world. – Invited lecture at 2019 International Leadership Training Program for Young Professionals in Water Resources Management, 11-17 August, 2019, Vientiane, Laos.


  1. Xu, C-Y: Climate change and flood risk management. Keynote speech at International Conference on Flood Catastrophes in a Changing Environment. Nanjing, 15-18 November, 2018.
  2. Xu, C-Y: Water cycle and hydrological modelling: progress and challenges. at UNESCO-IHP Training course, 30/7-5/8-2018, Hohai University.

Reports in the funding scheme


Xu, C-Y, Yanlai Zhou. Progress report 274310 – Advancing frequency analysis of nonstationary hydrological extremes for reducing flood risk in a changing climate. Reporting deadline: 20191001. Received: 20191125. Report to The Research Council of Norway.

Scientific articles


  1. Xiong, F., Guo, S.L., Liu, P., Xu, C-Y, Zhong, Y.X., Yin, J.B., He, S.K., 2019. A general framework of design flood estimation for cascade reservoirs in operation period. Journal of Hydrology (JOH-62.pdf)  
  2. Zhang, X.Q., Liu, P., Xu, C-Y, Gong. Y., Cheng, L., He, S.K., 2019. Real-time reservoir flood control operation for cascade reservoirs using a two-stage flood risk analysis method. Journal of Hydrology 577, 123954. (JOH-60.pdf)
  3. Yan, L., Xiong, L.H., Ruan, G.S., Xu C-Y, Yan, P.T., Liu, P., 2019. Reducing uncertainty of design floods of two-component mixture distributions by utilizing flood timescale to classify flood types in seasonally snow covered region. Journal of Hydrology, doi: (JOH-59.pdf)  
  4. Reynolds, J.E., Halldin, S., Seibert, J., Xu C-Y, Grabs, T., 2019. Robustness of flood-model calibration using single and multiple events. Hydrological Sciences Journal, DOI: 10.1080/02626667.2019.1609682. (hsj-13.pdf)
  5. Jiang, C., Xiong, L.H., Yan, L., Dong, J.F., Xu, C-Y, 2019. Multivariate hydrologic design methods under nonstationary conditions and application to engineering practice. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 23, 1683–1704. (HESS-12.pdf)
  6. Chen, X.H., Ye, C.Q., Zhang, J.M., Xu, C-Y, Zhang, L.J., Tang, Y.H., 2019. Selection of Optimal Distribution Curve for Non-stationary Flood Series. Atmosphere, doi:10.3390/atmos10010031. (Atmosphere-1.pdf)


  1. Wang, H.M., Chen, J., Cannon, A.J., Xu, C-Y, Chen, H., 2018. Transferability of climate simulation uncertainty to hydrological climate change impacts. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22, 3739-3759. (HESS-9.pdf)
  2. Wang, J., Zhang, X-H, Xu, C-Y, Wang, H., Lei, X-H, Wang, X., Li, S-Y, 2019. Development of load duration curve system in data-scarce watersheds based on a distributed hydrological model. Hydrology Research 50(3), 886-900. (HR-30.pdf)
  3. Yang, X., Magnusson, J., *Xu C-Y, 2018. Transferability of regionalization methods under changing climate. Journal of Hydrology, (JOH-57.pdf)
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