Field work

"Base camp" at Hjelmeland center

The project group stayed at Hjelmeland town center, at the “Hotel Velvære” and “Nøkling Pension”.

Every day we went out for field work at Ritland. From the town center it is 20 minutes drive to the car parking at Kleivaland, then about 45 minutes walking uphill to the central parts of the field area.

The project had several goals for investigation of the Ritland impact structure this year, including the crater fill sediments, the impactites (consisting of melt bearing deposits and fractured/brecciated basement), LIDAR measurements paleomagnetics and fossils in the Cambrian sediments that filled in the crater.

Some pictures from the field work in 2009 follows below of Simon with his LIDAR equipment, Michal making sketches of some main geological profiles and detailed studies of an outcrop by Abdus.

 Pictures of Simon, Michal and Abdus doing fieldwork

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