Publications updated March 2011


Xu, C-Y*, Zhang, Q., M. El Hag El Tahir, Zhang, Z., 2010. Statistical properties of the temperature, relative humidity and net solar radiation in the Blue Nile-Eastern Sudan region. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 101:397–409. (pdf)

El Haj El Tahir, M., Kääb, A., Xu, C-Y, 2010. Identification and mapping of soil erosion areas in the Blue Nile-Eastern Sudan using multispectral ASTER and MODIS satellite data and the SRTM elevation model. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 14(7), 1139-1194. (pdf)

El Hag El Tahir, M. A. Kääb, C-Y Xu, 2008. Automatic identification of soil erosion areas using Aster imagery in the Blue Nile, eastern Sudan,A0375; EGU2008-A-02523; HS11.2-1TH5P-0375

Publications submitted

M. El Haj El Tahir, Wang Wenzhong, C-Y Xu, Zhang Youjing, 2010. A comparative study of remote sensing and hydrological methods for estimation of regional evapotranspiration in the Blue Nile region-Eastern Sudan, submitted

Zhang, Z.X., Xu, C-Y, El-Haj El-Tahir, M., Cao, J.R., 2010. Spatial and temporal variations of precipitation in Sudan and their possible causes during 1948-2005, submitted.

Publications under preparation

Zhang ZX, Xu CY, Chen X, Min JJ, Wang WG, 2010. Changing characteristics of meteorological droughts in Sudan and its relations with other hydrological components of the water cycle, manuscript to be submitted.

M. El Haj El Tahir, C-Y Xu et al., 2010. Spatial and temporal variations of soil moisture in Sudan and their implications for vegetation regeneration, manuscript to be submitted.

Zhang ZX, Xu CY, Chen X, et al., 2010. The spatial and temporal features of SSTA in the Indian Ocean and Its Impact on precipitaion in Sudan, manuscript to be submitted.

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