Geoscientific Software

Modern geoscience research requires a wide array of software. The IT group is responsible to make sure that both students and staff have access to the software they need, and, if such software does not exist, to help them develop it.

Available software packages

The Department of Geosciences can offer its students and staff a wide range of (non)-commercial geoscientific software products. Many of these are licensed through academic licenses. If you believe we should acquire some licenses for a certain software package to be used for research and/or educational purposes, please contact Michel Heeremans. He is in charge of all contact towards geoscientific software vendors where licensing is involved.

Geoscientific software development

Widely available software is often lacking for work done at the bleeding edge of research. For this reason, we offer some level of support in the development of in-house software. Many researchers have personal code-bases that they continuously improve, and we can assist them in:

  • Making the code more efficient
  • Making the code easier to collaborate on
  • Making the code publishable (as increasingly required by open access publications)

For software development questions, you can reach Luc Girod.

Acknowledging software packages in publications

If you use software acquired through an academic license, you are obliged to acknowledge the vendor. Please use the name of the software package used, the name of the vendor and, if available, the license agreement's Grant Number. If in doubt contact Michel Heeremans.

Use the menu to left to navigate through the available software packages.

Software available on our systems

Go to the list of available software. If you require software that is not currently installed, you can request the Department of Geosciences to consider acquiring the software or making it available on the system. Please contact

Visit our GEO-IT UIO WIKI to get more information on some packages.

To find out more about user environment and Linux, please check

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