Large-format plotting

HP Designjet T790PS plotter is available for self-service.

It is located in the "post room" (119) in the Geology building.

Photo: HP

Paper qualities

The plotter is set up with regular, matte paper, 914 mm width. Use this for your poster presentation, and for test prints.

Glossy paper is available for Department employees upon request. Note that we will collate these request and change the roll perhaps once a week. If you need glossy paper for some particular event, let us know well in advance!

Students will need a recommendation (by email) from their supervisor to use glossy paper.

Make sure your poster prints satisfactory on regular paper before you go glossy!

Other printing media can also be purchased. Get in touch.

Take your time

The plotting process takes perhaps 20-30 minutes, if all goes well.

However, quite often you will need to make adjustments, or load the job differently (scaling/rotating). Sometimes the plotter will need ink replacement or other maintenance. Perhaps there is a plotting queue.

Consequently, allow at least some regular office hours for the job. Bring your laptop and a coffee mug!

Note that ink will be replaced when needed (the plotter stops), not simply because the plotter reports "low on ink".

Plotting using an USB flash drive

It is recommended to plot by copying your poster to a USB flash drive. Follow these instructions to plot from USB.

Supported formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, HP-GL/2, RTL and PostScript

In our experience, it often gives the least amount of hassle to export your poster to PDF. We suggest you scale your document to the intended output size.

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