Available MSc theses in Geophysics, Geodynamics and Planetary Sciences

Title Published Supervisor(s)
Structural fieldwork and microstructural analysis of fault rocks in Proterozoic basement rocks in western Spitsbergen Oct. 29, 2021
Seismic interpretation in the Barents Sea, Fram Strait, and northeastern Greenland (various topics; several theses) Oct. 11, 2021
Observations of Meteors Using Seismic and Infrasound Data Aug. 10, 2021
Laboratory-scale microseismic data analysis Jan. 18, 2021
Meteorite Oslo - Regolith compaction and fluid alterations Sep. 24, 2020
The role of grain size and temperature on viscous anisotropy in the mantle Sep. 16, 2020
Modelling of induced seismicity during subsurface operations Sep. 10, 2020
How Do Tectonic Stresses and Lithospheric Heterogeneity Control Large-Scale Volcanism? Sep. 9, 2020
Diurnal temperature on the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua' Oct. 29, 2019
Mineralogy and geochemistry of the lower mantle and core by atomistic simulations projects Oct. 29, 2019
Capturing H diffusion in silicates by means of vibrational spectroscopy Sep. 26, 2019
Stirring the magma ocean with changing buoyancy and viscosity of various silicate melts Sep. 26, 2019
Understanding Pluto’s interior at the atomic scale Sep. 26, 2019
Searching for amorphous sulfates on Mars with Supercam Sep. 26, 2019
What about Exoplanets? Sep. 23, 2019
Open topic: On the Geophysical interpretation of terrestrial planets Sep. 23, 2019
Open topic: On the photo-geological mapping of processes and activity on terrestrial planets Sep. 23, 2019
Asteroids and comets: similarities and differences Sep. 23, 2019
Space-based comparison of asteroids Sep. 23, 2019
Geological phenomena on asteroids Sep. 23, 2019
Crustal structure and development of the Vesterålen/Senja Margin July 5, 2019
Paleomagnetism of Silurian to Carboniferous magmatic rocks in the Orkney Islands and mainland Scotland Oct. 24, 2017
S-receiver function analysis for seismic stations in the Arctic and Antarctica Nov. 8, 2016
Analysis of seismic profile shots at permanent seismic stations to investigate the crustal structure in and around the Barents Sea Nov. 8, 2016