Hylleraas Meeting at Sommarøy

The Hylleraas Annual Meeting 2023 will be held at Sommarøy Arctic Hotell from Sep. 5 - 7


The Hylleraas Annual Meeting is a joint meeting between the Oslo and Tromsø nodes of the Hylleraas Centre, organized by the Young Researcher Parliament (YRP) representatives every year. In 2023 the Tromsø node will arrange the meeting at Sommarøy Arctic Hotell

About Sommarøy (2020, November 26. In Wikipedia.)

Sommarøy is an old fishing village in the western part of Tromsø Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. It is located about 36 kilometres (22 mi) west of the city of Tromsø and is a popular tourist destination due to its white sand beaches and scenery.

Food and Accommodation

All meals will be served by the hotel and covered by the Centre. Dietary requirements and allergy information, if any, have been provided to the hotel, but please double-check with a staff member when being served.


The following is the suggested itinerary:

For Oslo UiO:

Tue, Sep 5:

Thur, Sep 7: 

For Tromsø UiT:

Tue, Sep 5: 

Thur, Sep 7: 


Day 1:

Tue, Sep 5

Events Presented by

Day 2:

Wed, Sep 6

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Day 3:

Thur, Sep 7

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