Hylleraas Seminar, Sangita Sen

Hylleraas Friday seminar, hosted in Oslo

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Speaker: Sangita Sen

Title: A Study of Molecular Response to Strong Non-Uniform Magnetic Fields

Abstract: In the regime of strong magnetic fields, of the order of 10^5 T, the Coulombic and magnetic interactions become competitive and neither can be considered a perturbation on the other. Nonperturbative schemes must necessarily involve complex London orbitals. and non-uniform fields present their own set of challenges. For example, one needs complex two-component orbitals to describe the induced spin-breaking. In this talk we discuss the properties of the electronic states optimized in the presence of a non-uniform magnetic field. We focus on the relative contribution of the spin and orbital effects to the variational energy, the probability of lighting up the ordinarily spin-disallowed dark bands by switching on non-uniform magnetic fields and the computation of induced magnetic anapole moments.

Due to the present situation with the COVID-19 virus, seminars will be shared between Oslo and Tromsø by using the Zoom virtual meeting system.

Published Apr. 22, 2020 6:13 PM - Last modified Apr. 22, 2020 6:16 PM