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Department Board

The Department Board is the Department's highest authority. The Board decides and establishes the overall objectives, priorities and strategies for the Department.

The Head of the Department is the Board's chairman and prepares affairs to be considered. The Head of Administration serves as the Board's secretary.

Members 2021-2024

  Permanent representative Substitute representative
Head of Department Stephan Oepen  
Deputy Head of Dept. Ingrid Chieh Yu  
Permanent academic staff Viktoria Stray
Dag T. Wisland
1.: Andreas Austeng
2.: Alma Leora Culén
Temporary academic staff Alexander Moltubakk Kempton Barbro Renland Nordby
External member Oddvar Hesjedal  
Technical/administrative Marianne V. Andresen Lars Håkedal
Students   Vara: Johanne Thunes
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