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Phone +47 22840119
Room 4422
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B Ole-Johan Dahls hus 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1080 Blindern 0316 Oslo


Professor at the Language Technology Group (LTG) within the Section for Machine Learning at the Department of Informatics. Primarily working on machine learning for natural language processing (NLP). Currently PI / manager of the SANT-project, focusing on sentiment analysis. Also part of the SFIs (Centers for Research-based Innovation) MediaFutures and NorwAI.


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Tags: Machine Learning, NLP, computational linguistics, AI, artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing, language technology, language engineering


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  • Fares, Murhaf; Oepen, Stephan & Velldal, Erik (2015). Identifying Compounds: On The Role of Syntax.
  • Lapponi, Emanuele; Oepen, Stephan; Skjærholt, Arne & Velldal, Erik (2015). LAP: The CLARINO Language Analysis Portal.
  • Read, Jonathon & Velldal, Erik (2011). Labeling emotions in suicide notes: Cost-sensitive learning with heterogeneous features.
  • Velldal, Erik (2011). Random Indexing Re-Hashed.
  • Velldal, Erik (2010). Detecting Uncertainty in Biomedical Literature: A Simple Disambiguation Approach Using Sparse Random Indexing.
  • Oepen, Stephan; Dyvik, Helge; Lønning, Jan Tore; Velldal, Erik; Beermann, Dorothee & Carroll, John [Show all 12 contributors for this article] (2004). Som å kappete med trollet? Towards MRS-Based Norwegian-English Machine Translation.
  • Lønning, Jan Tore; Oepen, Stephan; Beermann, Dorothee; Hellan, Lars; Carroll, John & Dyvik, Helge [Show all 12 contributors for this article] (2004). LOGON - A Norwegian MT Effort.
  • Velldal, Erik; Oepen, Stephan & Flickinger, Dan (2004). Paraphrasing Treebanks for Stochastic Realization Ranking.
  • Strand, Håvard; Velldal, Erik & Landsverk, Peder (2019). Partial Automation of the Data-collection Process. University of Oslo.
  • Velldal, Erik (2008). Empirical Realization Ranking. Unipub forlag. ISSN 0806-3222.

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