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Adane, Tigist Fetene Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Anne Kristin Sortehaug Ajer Ajer, Anne Kristin Sortehaug Postdoctoral Fellow Enterprise architecture, institutional theory, interpretative research.
Picture of Müjde Akdeniz Akdeniz, Müjde
Picture of Ghadi S. Al Hajj Al Hajj, Ghadi S. Doctoral Research Fellow ghadia (at) student (dot) matnat (dot) uio (dot) no
Picture of Özgü Alay Alay, Özgü Associate Professor 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), immersive multimedia, Machine Learning
Picture of Fritz Albregtsen Albregtsen, Fritz Image analysis, texture analysis, medical applications, quality metrics
Picture of Awadelrahman Mohamedelsadig Ali Ahmed Ali Ahmed, Awadelrahman Mohamedelsadig
Alwash, Mostafa Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Lars Espen Andersen Andersen, Lars Espen Associate Professor
Picture of Otto Johan Anshus Anshus, Otto Johan Adjunct Professor +47 91573265
Picture of Roger Antonsen Antonsen, Roger Associate Professor +47 22852482 Logic, Proof Theory, Automated Reasoning, Proof Search, Modal Logic, First-Order Logic, Complexity Theory, Automata, Cellulære automater, Generative Art, Algorithms, Algorithmic Art, Mathematical Art, Netlogo, Processing, Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics, Outreach, Science Communication
Picture of Mohammad Salar Arbabi Arbabi, Mohammad Salar Doctoral Research Fellow blockchain, smart contracts, distributed systems, privacy, GDPR
Picture of Håvard Arnestad Arnestad, Håvard Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99442592
Picture of Ramtin Aryan Aryan, Ramtin
Picture of Snorre Aunet Aunet, Snorre Adjunct Professor +47 22852703 Nano- og mikroteknologi
Picture of Andreas Austeng Austeng, Andreas Professor +47-22852741 ultrasound, sonar, beamforming, signal processing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning
Picture of Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen Axelsen, Eyvind Wærsted Associate Professor
Bagga, Sumit Associate Professor
Baramashetru, Chinmayi Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jeremy Barnes Barnes, Jeremy Postdoctoral Fellow cross-lingual, transfer learning, multi-task learning, sentiment, emotion
Picture of Adel Baselizadeh Baselizadeh, Adel Doctoral Research Fellow Reinforcement Learning, Control systems, Robotics, Fuzzy Systems and Intelligent Control
Picture of Yngvar Berg Berg, Yngvar Professor +47 22852701
Picture of Gunnar Rye Bergersen Bergersen, Gunnar Rye Associate Professor programming, skill, knowledge, expertise, ability, measurement
Picture of Marthe Nordengen Berntzen Berntzen, Marthe Nordengen Doctoral Research Fellow agile software development, agile methods, large-scale agile, coordination
Bian, Jie Doctoral Research Fellow
Binder, Alexander Associate Professor
Picture of Tamas György Bisztray Bisztray, Tamas György Doctoral Research Fellow 91148827
Bope, Christian Domilongo Postdoctoral Fellow
Borsos, Bertalan Lecturer
Picture of Tone Bratteteig Bratteteig, Tone Professor +47 22852427
Picture of Are Magnus Bruaset Bruaset, Are Magnus Adjunct Professor
Picture of Jørn Anders Braa Braa, Jørn Anders
Picture of Kristin Braa Braa, Kristin Professor +47 22852754 +47 41630260
Bråthen, Heidi Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844457 47356672
Picture of Maja Buljan Buljan, Maja Doctoral Research Fellow
Bull, Edward Fabian Doctoral Research Fellow
Bunæs, Tina Helene
Picture of Bendik Bygstad Bygstad, Bendik Professor +47 22840109
Picture of Andre Büttner Büttner, Andre Doctoral Research Fellow Web Application Security, Distributed Systems, Web Authentication, Health Information Systems
Picture of Håkon Strand Bølviken Bølviken, Håkon Strand
Børsting, Jorun
Picture of Xing Cai Cai, Xing Professor +47 48294368
Picture of Sri Nivas Chandrasekaran Chandrasekaran, Sri Nivas
Picture of Lucas Georges Gabriel Charpentier Charpentier, Lucas Georges Gabriel Doctoral Research Fellow Natural Language Processing, deep learning, privacy, Machine Learning
Picture of Jieying Chen Chen, Jieying Senior Lecturer
Chetwyn, Robert Andrew Doctoral Research Fellow Security, Cybersikkerhet, Information Security, Cyber Threat Intelligence
Picture of Nils Damm Christophersen Christophersen, Nils Damm applied mathematics, statistics, innovation, entrepreneurship
Picture of Aprisa Chrysantina Chrysantina, Aprisa +47 94066383 health information systems, digital learning platform, online learning, capacity building, realist evaluation
Picture of Kristjon Ciko Ciko, Kristjon Doctoral Research Fellow Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA), RINA deployment
Picture of Agnes Dyvik Clark Clark, Agnes Dyvik Doctoral Research Fellow
Clausen, Tommy Høyvarde Associate Professor
Claxton, James Benedict Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Alma Leora Culén Culén, Alma Leora Professor +47 22852494 interaction design, research through design, transition design, use of technology
Cutts, Quintin Adjunct Professor +447543644145 (updated)
Da Conceiçao, Arlindo Flavio Postdoctoral Fellow +47 98435287
Dadashi, Ali 45003363
Picture of Håvard Emil Danielsen Danielsen, Håvard Emil Professor II +47-22934000 +47-90608723
Picture of Christos Dimitrakakis Dimitrakakis, Christos Professor +467294744779 reinforcement learning, machine learning, differential privacy, fairness, decision making under uncertainty, artificial intelligence, adversarial machine learning, Bayesian inference, autonomous vehicles, recommendation systems
Doroudi Moghadam, Maunya Researcher
Picture of Åsmund Dæhlen Dæhlen, Åsmund Doctoral Research Fellow Information systems, Information Infrastructure, Participatory Design, Democratic Design, Infrastructuring
Picture of Frank Eliassen Eliassen, Frank +47 22840148 Distributed systems, middleware, self-adaptive software systems, internet of things, edge & fog computing, cyber-physical systems, smart cities, energy informatics
Picture of Basil Ell Ell, Basil Researcher
Picture of Ole Jakob Elle Elle, Ole Jakob Adjunct Professor Artificial intelligence, Evolution, Robotics, Reconfigurable hardware, Adaptable systems
Picture of Kai Olav Ellefsen Ellefsen, Kai Olav Associate Professor 47641058 Artificial intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, neural networks, self-adaptive software systems, deep learning, Artificial Life, reinforcement learning
Picture of Truls Erikson Erikson, Truls Professor +47 22840928 Entrepreneurship
Picture of Jens Petter Falck Falck, Jens Petter Associate Professor, Senior Advisor - Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management +47 22 85 25 30
Picture of Paulo Ferreira Ferreira, Paulo Professor +47 22852876 +351962055128 distributed systems, programming of mobile devices, concurrency / parallelism / replication, fog and cloud computing, software security, algorithms for garbage collection, software adaptability.
Fjeldstad, Maria Perona Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Raluca-Madalina Florea Florea, Raluca-Madalina +47 45273508
Picture of Mehdi Foroughi Foroughi, Mehdi Doctoral Research Fellow
Fossum, Kristoffer
Picture of Alice Frantz Schneider Frantz Schneider, Alice Doctoral Research Fellow circular economy, complex adaptive systems, e-waste management, life cycle thinking, recycling, sustainability transitions, urban mining
Picture of Lothar Fritsch Fritsch, Lothar Associate Professor +47 96885758 Information security, information privacy, cyber security, computer security
Picture of Dennis Gan Gan, Dennis Project Manager
Picture of Thiago Garrett Garrett, Thiago Postdoctoral Fellow distributed systems, blockchain, distributed ledger
Gaver, William Wirt Adjunct Professor
Picture of Anne-Marie George George, Anne-Marie Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Gabor Gereb Gereb, Gabor Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Martin Giese Giese, Martin Professor +47 22852737 logic, big data, semantic web, automated reasoning, proof search, first order logic
Picture of Stein Gjessing Gjessing, Stein Professor Emeritus 92695558
Picture of Kyrre Glette Glette, Kyrre Professor +47 22841695 Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Evolvable Hardware, Biologically-inspired Computing, Embedded Systems, Machine Learning
Picture of Vera Hermine Goebel Goebel, Vera Hermine Professor +47 22852402
Picture of Miria Grisot Grisot, Miria Associate Professor
Picture of Carsten Griwodz Griwodz, Carsten Professor +47 92684380
Picture of Lars Groth Groth, Lars
Grov, Gudmund Associate Professor
Grov, Jon Associate Professor
Picture of Nils Gruschka Gruschka, Nils Associate Professor +47 22840858 Security, Privacy
Grytten, Ivar Postdoctoral Fellow
Grønli, Tor-Morten Associate Professor
Gu, He Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Peiyuan Guan Guan, Peiyuan Researcher Edge computing, real-time systems, task scheduling, deep learning, reinforcement learning
Picture of Ragnhild Bassøe Gundersen Gundersen, Ragnhild Bassøe Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Yngve Hafting Hafting, Yngve Lecturer +47 22841691 +47 41120878 Mechatronics, Digital Design, 3D-printing
Picture of Desta Haileselassie  Hagos Hagos, Desta Haileselassie +4748058339
Picture of Pål Halvorsen Halvorsen, Pål Adjunct Professor +47 97080007
Picture of Gisle Hannemyr Hannemyr, Gisle
Picture of Roy Edgar Hansen Hansen, Roy Edgar Adjunct Professor +47 99413702 synthetic aperture sonar, imaging, sonar, signal processing
Picture of Ole Hanseth Hanseth, Ole Professor +47 22852431 +47 95908509
Haugjord, Barbro Renland Doctoral Research Fellow