Mohammad Salar Arbabi

Doctoral Research Fellow - Digital infrastructure and security
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Room 4450
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 23B 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1080 0316 Oslo
Tags: blockchain, smart contracts, distributed systems, privacy, GDPR


  • Arbabi, Mohammad Salar; Lal, Chhagan; Veeraragavan, Narasimha Raghavan; Marijan, Dusica; Nygård, Jan F. & Vitenberg, Roman (2022). A Survey on Blockchain for Healthcare: Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Directions. IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. ISSN 1553-877X.
  • Arbabi, Mohammad Salar & Shajari, Mehdi (2020). Decentralized and secure delivery network of iot update files based on ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. CASCON '19 Proceedings of the 29th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering.

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