My currently offered masters tasks are listed among the tasks for the BMI group. I have also written a couple of notes related to our currently offered tasks on machine learning to decipher adaptive immunity.

Current and previous master students

I have previously been main supervisor for 27 master students, 7 at NTNU and 20 at UiO:

Sivert Kronen Hatteberg
Kristoffer Langerød
Claus Børnich
Ivar Grytten
Johanne Håøy Horn
Johannes Akse 
Henrik Skifjeld
Brynjar Rongved
Fredrik Haaland: Using machine learning to make sense of our genome
Knut  Dagestad Rand: Learning game theory from the immune system
Kristoffer Waløen: The bioinformatics of personal genomes
Tobias Gulbrandsen Waaler: Unfolding your DNA
Torkil Vederhus: Of mice and men 2
Anders Ramsvik Bragstad: Dynamic benchmarking - a new approach to benchmarking in bioinformatics
Eirik Mistereggen: "Compression of Short Read data sets"
Øyvind Øvergaard: "Controlling overhead in large Python programs"
Hiep Luong Nguyen: "A flexible clustering system for genome annotation tracks"
Eivind Gard Lund: "An Extensible Framework for Comparative Analysis of Annotations"
Jonathan Lunde Lillesæter: "Retroactively Parallelizing a Large Python System"
Kai Trengereid: "Development of a motif discovery tool"
Tarjei S Hveem: "Improving expressibility of simple motifs"
Vetle Valebjørg: "Discovery of approximate composite motifs in biological sequences"
Øystein Lekang: "Flexible Discovery of Modules with Distance Constraints"
Øyvind Bø Syrstad and Lars Eidsheim: "Maskinvare-aksellerert MEME"
Lars Krutådal: "Weighted Pattern Matching with PWMs on FPGAs"
Vegard Walseng: "Learning pattern models from examples"

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