Alumni previously under the supervision of Philipp Häfliger

Sondre Fortum Slettemoen (main supervisor: Ketil Røed), MSc 2019-2021, now Appear

Sebastian Wood, MSc 2018-2020, here is his thesis,  now CISCO

Behnam Samdapoor Riikan, postdoc 2018-2019, now Sony Semiconductor Europe

Magnus Drageseth, MSc 2018-2020, here is his thesis

Bartas Venckus (main supervisor: Joar Østby), MSc finished 2019

Mikkel Mikkelsen, MSc finished in 2019

Andrei Costescu, MSc finished in 2019

Lukasz Farian, PhD finished 2019, now Nordic Semiconductors

Sivert Haug Rasmussen, MSc finished 2019

Sebastian Omli Hewes (main supervisor: Joar Østby), finished 2019

Kristian Geli Nilsen, MSc finished 2019

Adrian Miguel Llop Recha (main supervisor: Ørjan  Martinsen), MSc finished 2019, now PhD with our group

Lukasz Farian, PhD 2014-2019, now with Nordic Semiconductor

Joar Østby, postdoc 10/2016 to 1/2019, now  with Integrated Detector AS (IDEAS) and 20% lecturer with our group

Thomas Lundby Heggland, MSc until 6/2018, now with Numascale

Christian Flasnes Haaland, MSc until 5/2018

André Fernandes, main supervisor Erik Johannessen at USN, PhD 10/2010 to 12/2016

Aryan Esfandiari, MSc thesis now with Xilinx

Ali Zaher, PhD and postdoc  2011 to 2018, PhD thesis, now U-blox

Thanh Trung Nguyen, PhD 2/2010 to  5/2015, now Omnivision

Kin Keung Lee, PhD 11/2009 to 7/2014, main supervisor Tor Sverre Lande PhD thesis, now Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies

M. Elvegård, Sounding Rocket Telemetry Compression, 2016, MSc thesis, now Bitvis

J. Særsten, Single ASIC NFC Sensor Tag, 2016,  MSc thesis, now Kongsberg Spacetec

B. Meling,  En trådløs nevral opptaker til ekstracellulære observasjoner - En portabel løsning for hjerneforskere, 2015, MSc thesis,  now Zaptec

L. Farian, A Focal Plane Array To Model The Color Processing of the Retina, 2014, MSc thesis

H. Svanevik Furuseth, Asynchronous Processing Units, 2012, MSc thesis

D. H. Bryn, En adresse-event-representasjon-fargesynsensor med pulstetthetsmodulasjon og time-to-first modus MSc thesis, 2010

E. Bakken, Goal-directed obstacle avoidance with Sarsa reinforcement learning algorithm , 2008

S. Berg, Evaluation of Rectifiers & Voltage References for a  Wireless Medical Implant MSc thesis, 2008

J. A. M. Olsson, Noise Reduction in Retinomorphic Photo Circuits MSc thesis,  2007

H. P. Dalsklev, Learning by Search vs TD-lambda. En empirisk studie av to læringsalgoritmer for kunstige nevrale nettverk, 2006

H. K. O. Berge & An AER Analog Silicon Cochlea Model using Pseudo Floating Gate Transducers MSc thesis 2006

M. Azadmehr,  Foveated Imager, MSc thesis 2005

K. F. Pettersson, Controlled Introduction of Noise to an  Integrate-and-Fire Neurons, MSc thesis 2004

H. Kolle Riis,  Multi-Level Static Memory for On-Chip Learning, MSc thesis, 2003

J. P. Abrahamsen, Nevromorft Kamera, MSc, 2003

E. Jørgensen Aasebø, Classifying sounds using rank order coding, MSc thesis,  2002

F. Bergh, Computing visual disparity with temporal codes, MSc thesis, 2002

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