Ingrid Chieh Yu

Associate Professor - Programming
Image of Ingrid Chieh Yu
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Phone +47 22845525
Room 8468
Visiting address Ole-Johan Dahls Hus Gaustadalleèn 23D 0373 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1080 0316 Oslo

Deputy Head of Department and Head of Research at  Department of Informatics

Deputy Centre Director of SIRIUS


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  • Yu, Ingrid Chieh & Berg, Henning (2015). A Framework for Metamodel Composition and Adaptation with Conformance-Preserving Model Migration. Springer.  ISBN 978-3-319-27868-1.  23 s.
  • Hagalisletto, Anders Moen & Yu, Ingrid Chieh (2004). Large scale construction of railroad models from specifications. IEEE.  ISBN 0-7803-8567-5.  8 s. Show summary

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  • Yu, Ingrid Chieh; Cameron, David B.; Vølstad, Ann & Larsen, Åshild Hanne (2020). Industrial mentoring for junior researchers: An enabler for personal development and innovation. Show summary
  • Lebesbye, Torgeir; Yu, Ingrid Chieh & Mauro, Jacopo (2019). Boreas – Reducing Resource Usage Through Optimized Kubernetes Scheduling.
  • Berg, Henning & Yu, Ingrid Chieh (2017). Generic Metamodel Refactoring with Automatic Detection of Applicability and Co-evolution of Artefacts. Full text in Research Archive.
  • Rabbi, Fazle; Yu, Ingrid Chieh; Lamo, Yngve & Kristensen, Lars Michael (2017). MDE TECHNIQUES FOR MODELING AND ANALYSIS OF COMPLEX SOFTWARE SYSTEMS. Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo.. 1884.
  • Johnsen, Einar Broch; Lin, Jia-Chun & Yu, Ingrid Chieh (2016). AWS deployments using model-based predictions.
  • Lin, Jia-Chun; Yu, Ingrid Chieh; Johnsen, Einar Broch & Lee, Ming-Chang (2016). ABS-YARN: A Formal Framework for Modeling Hadoop YARN Clusters.
  • Johnsen, Einar Broch; Pun, Ka I; Steffen, Martin; Tapia Tarifa, Silvia Lizeth & Yu, Ingrid Chieh (2015). Meeting Deadlines, Elastically..
  • Owe, Olaf; Lin, Jia-Chun & Yu, Ingrid Chieh (2015). A Formal Framework Supporting Unrestricted Software Changes in Object-Oriented Concurrent Systems.
  • Rabbi, Fazle; Lamo, Yngve; Kristensen, Lars Michael & Yu, Ingrid Chieh (2015). A generalization of termination conditions for partial model completion.
  • Yu, Ingrid Chieh (2015, 16. mars). Gjer smarte bilar smartare.  Uniforum.
  • Rabbi, Fazle; Lamo, Yngve; Yu, Ingrid Chieh & Kristensen, Lars Michael (2014). Towards a Diagrammatic Rewriting System for Model Completion.
  • Yu, Ingrid Chieh (2010). Type Safety for Distributed Concurrent Objects and Runtime Upgrades. Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo.. 939.
  • Johnsen, Einar Broch; Owe, Olaf & Yu, Ingrid Chieh (2005). Creol: A Type-Safe Object-Oriented Model for Distributed Concurrent Systems. Conference proceedings (Universitetet i Oslo. Institutt for informatikk). 327.

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