Alumni by year of graduation

Name Degree Field Project Supervisor Graduation
Jacob Lorenz Norenberg Master Signal Processing Analysis of time variations of cardiac ultrasound image sequences Eigil Samset, Andreas Austeng 2013
Erik Solfjell Master Image Processing Integrasjon av AIS-data i deteksjon av oljesøl i SAR-bilder Anne H S Solberg 2013
Rebekka Mørken Valdmanis Master Image Processing Segmentation of saltdomes in seismic images Anne H S Solberg 2013
Geir Arild Byberg Master Signal Processing Synthetic aperture radar. A real-time processor for ESAs wavemill mission Sverre Holm, Kyrre Glette 2012
Endrias Getachew Asgedom PhD Signal Processing On the use of super-resolution algorithms in seismics : applications within diffraction separation and imaging Andreas Austeng, Leiv Jacob Gelius, Sverre Holm 2012
Fabrice Prieur PhD Signal Processing Nonlinear propagation of ultrasonic signals : theoretical studies and potential application Andreas Austeng, Sverre Holm 2012
Ann Elisabeth Albright Blomberg PhD Signal Processing Adaptive Beamforming for Active Sonar Imaging Andreas Austeng, Sverre Holm, Roy Edgard Hansen 2012
Saeed Mehdizadeh PhD Signal Processing Adaptive beamformers for ultrasound imaging of acoustically hard tissues Tonni Johansen, Sverre Holm 2012
Michael Pettersson Master Signal Processing Toeplitz Covariance Matrix Estimation for Adaptive Beamforming and Ultrasound Imaging Carl-Inge Colombo Nilsen, Andreas Austeng 2012
Ines Hafizovic PhD Signal Processing Beamforming Microphone Arrays for Audio Applications Sverre Holm 2012
Risto Holopainen PhD Signal Processing Self-organised Sound with Autonomous Instruments: Aesthetics and experiments Rolf Inge Godøy, Sverre Holm 2012
Eivind Stordal Master Signal Processing Power-law attenuation of acoustic waves in random stratified viscoelastic media Sverre Holm 2011
Morten Huseby Master Signal Processing Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network with Energy Harvesting Nodes Sverre Holm, Helge Balk, Per Arne Osborg 2011
Marius Pedersen PhD Image Processing Image quality metrics for the evaluation of printing workflows Jon Yngve Hardeberg, Fritz Albregtsen 2011
Julia Jørgensen Master Signal Processing Simulator for Sound Propagating in Fractal Media Sverre Holm 2011
Amela Kavara Master Image Processing Analyse og reduksjon av falske avvik i hyperspektrale bilder Trym Haavardsholm, Anne H S Solberg 2011
Eirik Lien Watterdal Master Image Processing Karakteristikk og anvendelser av ICESat/GLAS laseraltimer i fjellterreng Andreas Kaeb, Anne H S Solberg 2011
Martin August Brinkmann Master Signal Processing Tracking and classification of divers in sonar images Endre Marken, Andreas Austeng 2010
Carl-Inge Colombo Nilsen PhD Signal Processing Beamformers with applications in medical ultrasound imaging Sverre Holm 2010
Jon Petter Åsen Master Image Processing Auto-optimized & stereoscopic volume renderings in 4D echocardiography Stein Inge Rabben, Anne H S Solberg 2010
Øyvind Bakken Master Signal Processing Multiple Line Transmission in Medical Ultrasound Andreas Austeng, Sverre Holm 2009
Johan-Fredrik Synnevåg PhD Signal Processing Adaptive beamforming for medical ultrasound imaging Andreas Austeng, Sverre Holm 2009
Are Fritz Charles Jensen PhD Image Processing Some Approaches to Covariance Regularization and Dimensionality Reduction in Statistical Classification of Hyperspectral Image Data Anne H S Solberg, Geir Storvik, Fritz Albregtsen 2009
Thoril Kristiansen Master Signal Processing Lineær og ikke-lineær propagering av akustiske felt. Lineær tilnærming til ikke-lineært felt. Andreas Austeng, Sverre Holm 2009
Kristin Pedersen Master Signal Processing Simulating nonlinear acoustic field propagation with application to fisheries research Andreas Austeng, Sverre Holm 2009
Kjetil Nystrøm Limkjær Master Signal Processing Estimation of attenuation in tissue as a function of depth from RF ultrasound data Andreas Austeng 2009
Jøger Hansegård PhD Image Processing Automated volume measurements in echocardiography by utilizing expert knowledge Anne H S Solberg 2009
Camilla Brekke PhD Image Processing Automatic screening of synthetic aperture radar imagery for detection of oil pollution in the marine environment Anne H S Solberg 2008
Øyvind Aardal Master Signal Processing Post processing of raw data recorded with an ECG-vest Marius Lysaker, Andreas Austeng 2008
Nina Hamre Master Image Processing Simulation of QuickBird satellite images with feature extraction for vehicles with resolution 0.125-0.6 m, and visibility of vehicles in SAR airplane images Fritz Albregtsen 2008
Jan Egil Kirkebø PhD Signal Processing Selected problems in spatial signal processing : with applications in acoustic imaging and wireless communications Sverre Holm, Andreas Austeng 2008
Marcus Hofstad Master Signal Processing Time-reversal imaging Leiv Jacob Gelius, Andreas Austeng 2008
Tarjei Huse Master Image Processing Is using images to test web pages the solution to a Sisyphean task? Anne H S Solberg 2008
Linn S Johansen Master Image Processing Gjenkjenning av noter Anne H S Solberg 2008
Øyvind Ripel Master Image Processing Kompensasjon av scallop og gainshift i oljesøldeteksjon Anne H S Solberg 2008
Hilde Skjevling PhD Signal Processing Distributed precoding and scheduling in multiuser, multibase wireless networks Are Hjørungnes, David Gesbert 2008
Bjarne Roe Master Image Processing Image improvement and semi automatic co-registration of 3D C-arm and CT images of back Lars Aurdal, Fritz Albregtsen 2007
Terje Normann Olsen Master Signal Processing On a configurable hardware implementation of the BCJR algorithm Sverre Holm, Asgeir Nysæther 2007
Bjørn Cato Syversrud Master Signal Processing Sound focusing and source separation in a local echo filled environment Tobias Dahl 2007
Jon Marius Grasto Wickmann Master Image Processing A wavelet approach to dimension reduction and classification of hyperspectral data Anne H S Solberg 2007
Asbjørn Berge PhD Image Processing Improving hyperspectral classification by simplified parameter estimates Anne H S Solberg 2007
Werner Bjerke Master Image Processing Surface analysis of wood for separation of pith and sapwood Fritz Albregtsen 2007
Asgeir Nysæter PhD Signal Processing Optimization of serially concatenated trellis coded modulation systems with iterative detection and decoding R Otnes, T Maseng, Sverre Holm 2007
Tiril Pedersen Gurholt Master Image Processing Segmentation of the Endocardial Boundary of the Left Ventricle: A Level Set Approach Lars Andreas Aurdal, Stein Inge Rabben 2006
Bjørn Terjei Austenaa Master Image Processing Optimization methods used on classification of hyperspectral data Anne H S Solberg, Geir Dahl 2006
Bent Kjellesvig Master Signal Processing Improved Height Estimation Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Sonar Interferometry Roy Edgar Hansen, Torstein Olsmo Sæbø, Andreas Austeng 2006
Nikolai Olavi Czajkowski Master Image Processing Implementing an automatic face recognition system Anne H S Solberg 2006
Tom Fredrik Blenning Klaussen Master Image Processing Metaheuristics applied to the feature selection problem Anne H S Solberg, Geir Hasle 2006
Gaute Havik Eriksen Master Signal Processing Visualization tools and graphical methods for source localization and signal separation Tobias Dahl 2006
Ann Elisabeth Albright Blomberg Master Signal Processing Evaluation of a modified autocorrelation method when applied to echocardiographic strain rate imaging Andreas Heimdal, Andreas Austeng 2005
Hans Jørgen Bang Cand Scient Signal Processing Advanced scheduling techniques for wireless data networks Torbjørn Ekman, David Gesbert 2005
Jabran Akhtar PhD Signal Processing Low complexity transmitter and receiver design for MIMO systems in ill-behaved channels David Gesbert 2005
Anders Rødningsby Master Image Processing Statistical analysis of target signatures in hyperspectral images Torbjørn Skauli, Anne H S Solberg 2005
Trym Vegard Haavardsholm Master Image Processing Physics-based target classification in hyperspectral images Torbjørn Skauli, Anne H S Solberg 2005
Milada Cvancarova Småstuen Master Image Processing Cutting edge and edge based GVF-snake applied on tumor segmentation of ultrasound liver images Eigil Samset, Fritz Albregtsen 2005
Carl-Inge Colombo Nilsen Master Signal Processing Delta-Sigma Beamforming Sverre Holm 2005
Marius Ingjer Master Image Processing Hyperspectral image classification. Feature extraction using orthogonal frequency transformations. Anne H S Solberg 2005
Nina Ødegaard Master Signal Processing Fast time domain beamforming for synthetic aperture sonar Roy Edgar Hansen, Andreas Austeng 2004
Steinthor Diljar Kristjansson Cand Scient Image Processing Adaptive filtering and texture classification Fritz Albregtsen, Håvard Emil Danielsen 2004
Vegard Sandvold Cand Scient Signal Processing Percussion descriptors - a semantic approach to music information retrieval Sverre Holm 2004
Amund H Basmo Cand Scient Signal Processing Synchronization Studies for LMDS Joar-Petter Tanem, David Gesbert 2004
Eivind Kvedalen Cand Scient Signal Processing Signal processing using the Teager Energy Operator and other nonlinear operators Sverre Holm 2003
Nils Kristian Orthe Cand Scient Image Processing Estimation of snow cover based on a time series of SAR images Anne H S Solberg 2003
Are Fritz Charles Jensen Cand Scient Image Processing The General Flow-Adaptive Filter: With Applications to Ultrasound Image Sequences Fritz Albregtsen, Sverre Holm 2003
Silvana Silva Melgar Cand Scient Signal Processing Blind subspace based MIMO transmission David Gesbert 2003
Nils Petter Lyngstad Cand Scient Signal Processing Smart antennas and performance in mobile communications Andreas Austeng, David Gesbert, Nils D Christophersen 2003
Bjørn Daniel Bengtsson Cand Scient Image Processing Augmented reality for safer coronary artery bypass Lars Aurdal, Knut Mørken 2003
Hilde Skjevling Cand Scient Signal Processing Simulation and design of MIMO algorithms for correlated wireless channels David Gesbert, Nils D Christophersen 2003
Jan Egil Kirkebø Cand Scient Signal Processing Curved and spherical arrays Sverre Holm 2002
Tobias Dahl Dr Scient Signal Processing From sensory analysis to mobile communication systems Nils D Christophersen, Tormod Næss 2002
Birgitte Nielsen Dr Scient Image Processing Radial differentiation of low dimensionality adaptive texture feature vectors in cell nuclei as a tool in tumour pathology Fritz Albregtsen, Håvard Emil Danielsen, Knut Liestøl 2001
Luren Yang Dr Scient Image Processing Transforms for Digital Image Formation and Analysis Torfinn Taxt, Fritz Albregtsen 2001
Fredrik Vogel Cand Scient Signal Processing Spectral moments and linear models used for photoacoustic detection of crude oil in produced water Sverre Holm, Ole Christian Lingjærde 2001
Ilyas Aouad Cand Scient Signal Processing Fractal arrays Nils D Christophersen, Sverre Holm 2001
Jabran Akhtar Cand Scient Signal Processing Optimization of biorthogonal wavelet filters for signal and image compression Hermann Lia, Nils D Christophersen 2001
Andreas Austeng Dr Scient Signal Processing Optimum geometries for two-dimensional ultrasound transducer arrays Sverre Holm 2001
Kjetil Pedersen Cand Scient Signal Processing The use of Java in different signal processing applications including a text independent speaker recognizer based on cepstral coefficients Sverre Holm 2000
Morten Frellumstad Cand Scient Image Processing Segmentation of large blood vessels in series of MR images, and extraction of blood flow Fritz Albregtsen, Per Grøttum 2000
Frode Tjøntveit Cand Scient Signal Processing Adaptive channel coding Hermann Lia 2000
Helge Fjellestad Cand Scient Signal Processing Simulation of nonlinear ultrasound fields Sverre Holm 2000
Mats Carlin Dr Scient Data analysis Improving the performance of shape similarity retrieval systems Tom Kavli, Nils D Christophersen 2000
Are Rønhovde Cand Scient Signal Processing High resolution beamforming of SIMRAD EM 3000 bathymetric multibeam sonar data Torfinn Taxt, Luren Yang 1999
Jens T. Berger Thielemann Cand Scient Signal Processing Localization of multibeam sonar footprint by two dimensional image processing methods Torfinn Taxt, Luren Yang 1999
Stian Henriksen Cand Scient Signal Processing Simulation of pulse echo fields from thinned arrays Sverre Holm, Andreas Austeng 1999
Rittik Dey Cand Scient Data analysis Fuzzy neural networks in control applications Peter Borg, Nils D Christophersen 1999
Jon-Fredrik Hopperstad Cand Scient Signal Processing Optimization of thinned arrays Sverre Holm, Andreas Austeng 1998
Terje Karlsen Cand Scient Data analysis Regularized locally linear prediction of time series Ole Christian Lingjærde, Nils D Christophersen 1998
Lasse Dag Udjus Cand Scient Data analysis Heat flux computations in floors with hot water circulation Tormod Aurlien, Nils D Christophersen 1998
Johan-Fredrik Synnevåg Cand Scient Signal Processing Linear and nonlinear propagation of limited diffraction beams Sverre Holm 1998
Xinli Wang Dr Scient Image Processing Pulp log sorting based on growth rings and wood density obtained by image analysis of X-ray and optical data Fritz Albregtsen 1998
Frank Aanvik Cand Scient Signal Processing Digital elevation mapping using interferometric synthetic aperture radar Sverre Holm 1997
Hongxia Yao Cand Scient Signal Processing Synthetic aperture methods for medical ultrasonic imaging Sverre Holm 1997
Irene Rødsten Cand Scient Image Processing Texture segmentation using moment based features obtained by locally adaptive thresholding Fritz Albregtsen 1997
Kjetil Dahl Cand Scient Signal Processing High resolution beamforming methods Sverre Holm 1997
Kapila Epasinghe Cand Scient Signal Processing Simulation and visualization of ultrasound fields Sverre Holm 1997
Vidar Bekkedal Cand Scient Image Processing Compression of NMR images by wavelets Fritz Albregtsen, Ingvil Hovig 1997
Ole Christian Lingjærde Dr Scient Data analysis A study of some complex regression methods Knut Liestøl, Tor Gulliksen 1997
Hossein Jamshidi Gohari Cand Scient Signal Processing Focusing of ultrasound beams Sverre Holm 1997
Øyvind Isene Cand Scient Image Processing Distortion measure for NMR images Fritz Albregtsen, Ingvil Hovig 1997
Helene Schulerud Dr Scient Image Processing Evaluation of morphological and textural nuclear image analysis as a tool in tumor pathology Fritz Albregtsen 1997
Dimitris Kugiumtzis Dr Scient Data analysis Chaotic time series: Improving the procedures Nils D Christophersen 1997
Sverre H. Huseby Cand Scient Image Processing Video on the World Wide Web Fritz Albregtsen, Ingvil Hovig 1997
Vahid Taghva Talab Cand Scient Data analysis A study of potential age effetcs on the correlation dimension of EEG signals Nils D Christophersen, Dimitris Kugiumtzis 1997
Xiao Wu Cand Scient Image Processing Error robustness in video coding Fritz Albregtsen, Robert Danielsen 1997
Christian W. Hansson Cand Scient Image Processing Structure grammar - a high-dimensional grammar for syntactic pattern recognition of 3D objects in images Fritz Albregtsen, Idar Dyrdal 1996
Edward Allen Smith Cand Scient Image Processing Image processing techniques on DNA fingerprint images and its application to genetic similarity analysis Fritz Albregtsen 1996
Kirsten Kvernsveen Cand Scient Signal Processing Digital radar receivers for colored gaussian noise Sverre Holm 1996
Janis Gailis Cand Scient Data analysis The role of nonlinear dynamical systems theory in practical modeling Nils D Christophersen 1996
Per Torolf Bråthen Cand Scient Data analysis Helicopter traffic in the Norwegian North Sea sector: Some safety problems, proposed solutions and simulations Nils D Christophersen, Tor Helgesen 1996
Peter John Acklam Cand Scient Data analysis Monte Carlo methods in state space filtering Erik Bølviken, Nils D Christophersen 1996
Tor Øyvind Didriksen Cand Scient Image Processing Line detection and classification using Random Hough Transform - an experimental study Fritz Albregtsen, Bjørn Lillekjendlie 1996
Trygve Kristoffer Nilssen Cand Scient Data analysis Multivariate analysis and simulation of variables in paper production Nils D Christophersen, Frøydis Bjerke 1996
Øivind Due Trier Dr Scient Image Processing A data capture system for hydrographic maps Torfinn Taxt, Anil Jain, Knut Liestøl 1996
Marius Midtvik Cand Scient Image Processing Reversible compression of NMR images based on statistical source modelling Fritz Albregtsen, Ingvil Hovig 1996
Martin Moe Cand Scient Data analysis Contributions to parameter and state estimation using Monte Carlo methods: Applications to passive target tracking Erik Bølviken, Nils D Christophersen 1996
Bjørnar Elgetun Cand Scient Signal Processing Optimization of response from 2D arrays for medical ultrasound Sverre Holm 1996
Ingvil Hovig Dr Scient Image Processing Tools and methods for compression of NMR images Fritz Albregtsen 1995
Kanagasingam Yogesan Dr Scient Image Processing Texture analysis as a prognostic and diagnostic tool in tumor pathology Fritz Albregtsen 1995
Arne Petter Omholt Cand Scient Image Processing Scheduling of image processing graphs on BASIS processor with hardware- and software modules Fritz Albregtsen, Mads Henrikssveen 1995
Hilde Madsen Cand Scient Data analysis Dimension estimates from electroencephalograms (EEG) Dimitris Kugiumtzis, Nils D Christophersen 1995
Olav Tormod Tømte Cand Scient Data analysis Nonlinear analysis of ecological time series Knut Seip, Nils D Christophersen 1995
Sangita Datta Skipitaris Cand Scient Data analysis Nonlinear time series analysis of ECG (electrocardiogram) signals Nils D Christophersen, Dimitris Kugiumtzis, Per Grøttum 1995
Jens Kristian Haug Cand Scient Signal Processing Adaptive cancellation of self-noise for sonar Sverre Holm 1995
Anne Schistad Solberg Dr Scient Image Processing Data fusion and texture in classifiation of synthetic aperture radar imagery Torfinn Taxt, Knut Liestøl 1995
Lars Ødegaard   Signal Processing Phase aberration correction in medical ultrasound imaging John Tyssedal, Sverre Holm 1995
Knut Ole Hovda Cand Scient Image Processing Handling of object shadows in scene analysis Fritz Albregtsen, Hans Chr. Palm 1994
Jan Ove Erstad Cand Scient Signal Processing Design of sparse and non-equally spaced arrays for medical ultrasound Sverre Holm 1994
Aina Hegdalsaunet Cand Scient Signal Processing Cross-sectional imaging of blood vessels - sensitivity analysis and post processing Svein Bøe, Knut Liestøl 1994
Xinli Wang Cand Scient Image Processing A tree ring measurement system using image analysis Fritz Albregtsen, Bent Foyn 1994
Britt Kroepelien Dr Philos Image Processing From style to algorithm Fritz Albregtsen, Gunnar Danbolt 1994
Glenn Terje Lines Cand Scient Data analysis Non-linear empirical modelling using projection methods Tom Kavli, Nils D Christophersen 1994
Hilde Nytun Martinsen Cand Scient Image Processing Digital image analysis of cell nuclei in color images of colorectal adenocarcinomas Fritz Albregtsen 1994
Luren Yang Cand Scient Image Processing An image analysis system for measuring shape and motion of white blood cells from a sequence of fluorescence microscopy images Fritz Albregtsen 1994
Lars Thore Aarhus Cand Scient Data analysis Nonlinear empirical modeling using local PLS methods Tom Kavli, Nils D Christophersen 1994
Jess Andersen Cand Scient Image Processing Inspection of product labelling: Text detection and text verification Fritz Albregtsen, Øyvind Rørstad 1994
The Hien Nguyen Cand Scient Image Processing Synthesizing, dimension estimation and segmentation of fractal textures Fritz Albregtsen 1994
Morten Johan Fimland Cand Scient Data analysis A comparative study of least squares, principal component regression and partial least squares in system identification Nils D Christophersen 1993
Mari-Ann Akerjord Cand Scient Data analysis A graphical analysis of mixing models Nils D Christophersen 1993
Baheerathan Sivalingam Cand Scient Image Processing 3-D texture analysis of mouse liver cell nuclei Fritz Albregtsen 1993
Birgitte Nielsen Cand Scient Image Processing Fractal dimension in TEM images of cell nuclei from mouse liver Fritz Albregtsen 1993
Geir Horn Cand Scient Data analysis Statistical tests for on-line detection of faults in dynamical systems - an applied survey Nils D Christophersen, Alain Ferber 1993
Stein Jørgen Rypern Cand Scient Image Processing Detection of the urinary bladder wall in CT images Fritz Albregtsen, Jan B. Olsen, Arne Skretting 1993
Mads Egil Henriksveen Cand Scient Image Processing Determining pose and orientation of rigid objects from segmented images Fritz Albregtsen, Eilert Heyerdahl 1992
Marek Vokac Cand Scient Image Processing Compression of 2-D solar UV spectra by adaptive polygonization Fritz Albregtsen 1992
Hanne Jacobsen Cand Scient Signal Processing Controlling an ultrasound transducer Kjell Kristoffersen, Svein Bøe 1992
Tom Anderssen Cand Scient Image Processing Detectability of selected marine phenomena in digital ERS-1 images Fritz Albregtsen, Terje Wahl 1992
Helene Schulerud Cand Scient Image Processing Compression of binary documents by using methods of pattern recognition Torfinn Taxt, Otto Milvang 1991
Ove Sethre Nilsen Cand Scient Signal Processing Experimental investigation of optimal antenna processing based on Owsley's methods with sub-array and dominant eigenvalues Knut Søstrand, Svein Bøe 1991
Berit Kristine Hatten Cand Scient Data analysis Coordinated control of two manipulator arms Nils D Christophersen 1991
Heidi Winther Thorsen Cand Scient Data analysis Three methods for estimating wear and tear in production of newspaper Nils D Christophersen, Knut Kvalsvik 1991
Tor Egil Sand Cand Scient Signal Processing Evaluation of three methods for classification of heart beat from ECG Per Grøttum, Svein Bøe 1991
Roger Sundby Cand Scient Signal Processing Following lines in LOFARgrams based on Markov models Grim Gjønnes, Lønnestad Tor 1991
Anne-Lise Baardsgaard Cand Scient Data analysis Positioning of a marine seismic cable by curve fitting Sven Furberg, Nils D Christophersen 1991
Bente Larsen Cand Scient Data analysis Modelling and control of a continuously run grain drier Kjell Solberg, Nils D Christophersen 1991
Stein Michael Storleer Cand Scient Image Processing An image processing system for meteorology Fritz Albregtsen, Jens Sunde 1991
Olav Borgli Cand Scient Image Processing Detection of surface faults in roof-tiles Fritz Albregtsen 1991
Johnny Ekroll Cand Scient Image Processing Exact compression and decompression of image data Fritz Albregtsen, Paal Bjerke 1991
Lars Henrik Lund Cand Scient Image Processing Computer architecture for image processing Fritz Albregtsen, Bjørn Rudberg 1990
Per Gunnar Holm Cand Scient Image Processing Adaptive compression of 2-D solar UV spectra Fritz Albregtsen 1990
Kanagasingam Yogesan Cand Scient Image Processing Detection of malignant cells by texture analysis Fritz Albregtsen, George Farrants 1990
Anne Schistad Solberg Cand Scient Image Processing Detection and analysis of wind fronts and current shears in SAR images over ocean Terje Wahl, Knut Liestøl 1989
Tove Rodahl Cand Scient Signal Processing Signal processing of fetal ECG Per Grøttum, Rolf Bjerknes 1989
Gina Spurkland Cand Scient Signal Processing Signal processing of fetal ECG Per Grøttum, Rolf Bjerknes 1989
Øyvind Christoffersen Cand Scient Image Processing Navigation by TV camera Fritz Albregtsen, Stein Grinaker 1989
Trond Harald Muri Sørensen Cand Scient Image Processing A system for automatic determination of resistance of clinical bacterie isolates Knut Liestøl, Otto Milvang 1989
Dag Bremnes Cand Scient Image Processing Adaptive statistical classification of clouds Fritz Albregtsen 1989
Dag Kolsrud Cand Scient Image Processing On parameterization of emission lines Fritz Albregtsen 1989
Øystein Graf Cand Scient Image Processing Noise removal from ultra violet solar spectra Fritz Albregtsen 1988
Erik Tronstad Cand Scient Image Processing Wiener filtering of ultra violet solar spectra Fritz Albregtsen 1988
Dag Davidsen Cand Scient Image Processing Image processing methods in production of digital satellite maps over Antarctica Fritz Albregtsen 1988
Svein Bøe Cand Scient Signal Processing Cross-sectional imaging of blood vessels Morten Eriksen, Lars Walløe 1987
Stefano Vittor Cand Scient Image Processing Restoration of defocused photographs Knut Liestøl, Tor Lønnestad 1987
Nils Mathisrud Cand Scient Signal Processing Deconvolution of seismic signatures Rolf Bjerknes, Eivind Frømyr 1986
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