Master study in signal processing and image analysis

A master programme is a 2-year study after a bachelor degree.  The DSB group offers master studies in five different master programmes.

Admission to the programmes

The requirements for admission to a master program are

  • A minimum of 160 points (i.e. almost a bachelor degree)
  • Among the 160 points, 80 points are specified by the program

Any chosen bachelor option is granted.

Several master programmes - one research group

The DSB group recruits master students from several different master programmes. The programmes differ to some degree in respect to which courses are required (during the prior bachelor progamme or the master programme itself).

The choice of master program will to some degree limit the student's choice of a thesis in signal processing or image analysis. The list of master programmes can be found here.

Master thesis

A master thesis is a small research project, purely theoretical or practical measurment- or programming projects. The work is documented in a thesis. The most common themes in the DSB group involves a combination of theoretical and more practical work, usually taken from the supervisors research field. Examples on previsous theses can be found on the home pages for the researchers or on the DSB alumni pages.

Study plan

A master programme in Department of Informatics involves 120 points, including a thesis. The thesis counts for either 60 points (long thesis) or 30 points (short thesis). A programme can full time or part time (minimum 50 %). Most students with a long thesis start working on their thesis in the second semester, as displayed in the following table.

4. semester Master thesis
3. semester Master thesis Master thesis Master course
2. semester Master thesis Master course Master course
1. semester Master course Master course Master course
  10 points 10 points 10 points

With a short thesis, the courses can be taken full time or part time (minimum 50 %), but the thesis is a full time study in the last semester, as displayed in the following table

4. semester Master thesis
3. semester Master course
2. semester Master course
1. semester Master course
  10 points 10 points 10 points

A detailed description of study plan for a master programme can be found on the various programme descriptions and regulations.

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