LTG Master's Seminar

A biweekly seminar run by and for LTG's master's students.

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Language technology group research seminar is a biweekly event.  The regular time slot for the seminar is Thursday, 16:15-17:00 CEST.

In the Fall of 2021, the seminar is conducted  physically in the room Java in Ole-Johan Dahls hus. Since we do not wish to put any pressure on students in terms of presentation form, slides and media used in presenting will not be available after talks. If you are a master's student at LTG and wish to present, please contact Petter Mæhlum. The seminar receives funding from Programrådet Informatikk: Språkteknologi.

Forthcoming seminars


January 13

This will be the first meeting in the new year. We will try to do what was planned for the previous, cancelled seminar. Updates will come, following corona situation updates.

December 16 (Cancelled due to the corona situation)

We create a info-page for ourselves on Git
Two free slots available for presentations!
We will provide coffee, gløgg and snacks as normal. Since this is the last time this semester (Fall 2021), we will spend some extra time for socializing after the presentations.
Tags: language technology, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Master's students
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