The NANO electronis group is mainly involved in two study programmes: `Electronics and Data-Technology' (Bachelor and Master) and `Informatics: Nanoelectronics and Robotics' (Bachelor and Master)

The group offers a wide range of courses within our field listed below

IN1020 Introduction to Computer Technology 10p
IN1080 Mechatronics 10p
IN2010 Algorithms and Data Structures 10p
IN3170 Microelectronics 10p
INF4420 Microelectronics Design Project 10p


Analog Microelectronics Design


IN5220 Advanced mixed-signal CMOS integrated circuit design 10p
IN5230 Electronic Noise - Estimates and Countermeasures 10p
IN5240 Design of CMOS RF-Integrated Circuits 10p
IN5350  CMOS Image Sensor Design 10p


Tags: Electronics
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