Community Coordinated Artificial Intelligence. Towards a unified framework for the democratisation of AI

Contributing to an emerging AI-paradigm shift, this thesis presents a unified socio-technical framework called Community Coordinated Artificial Intelligence (CoCoAI), which expands the horizons of the AI expertocracy. Currently, AI is used mostly by companies (or governments) to analyse people's behaviour to serve their own commercial interests. I argue instead how people, not companies, could ultimately benefit from the development and use of AI. To achieve this goal, I have established four research objectives. The first research objective is performing a literature review on the democratisation of AI. This serves as the scientific foundation for my thesis. My second objective is to establish a definition that unifies the various understandings of what the topic entails. Further, my third objective is to create an overview of the challenges and solutions to the democratisation of AI presented in the literature. Finally, my fourth research objective is to develop a socio-technical framework for the democratisation of AI, using the definition, challenges and solutions I established in my previous objectives.

To form the scientific foundation necessary to accomplish this work, I will perform a structured configurative review of the literature on the topic. By creating a unified definition and an overview of the challenges and solutions, I will establish a foundation for further research on the topic.

Moreover, my framework can inform the design of AI platforms and projects, promoting processes that ensure democratic control of the technology. CoCoAI provides benefits on three levels. On a societal level, CoCoAI promotes AI solutions that are beneficial to society as a whole, protecting rights and democratic values, and avoiding solutions that discriminate against social groups, or otherwise treats them unfairly. For organisations, CoCoAI increases the availability of AI resources, technology and expertise. This can enable more organisations to benefit from AI for their use case. Finally, on the individual level, CoCoAI promotes education, knowledge sharing, transparency and beneficial solutions. Increased access to educational resources and knowledge sharing in AI can contribute to a society where more people have a basic understanding of the technology. By also having more transparency surrounding the AI systems in use, users will be able to make more informed decisions in their interactions with such AI services and systems. Finally, CoCoAI promotes access to beneficial AI solutions, both by making corporate AI development processes more democratic, but also by enabling the creation of more grassroots AI projects as a result of better access to AI resources, knowledge and technology.


Tags: AI, artificial intelligence, CoCoAI, democratisation By Anders Jakob Sivesind
Published May 25, 2021 7:00 AM - Last modified May 25, 2021 7:00 AM