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Reliable systems (PSY)

Group picture (not all members present)

The research group works on formal models and associated analysis techniques, including the following topics:

  • ABS: the Abstract Behavioral Specification language [link]
  • Real-Time Maude: a theory and tool for real-time rewriting logic [link]
  • Formal methods for distributed and cloud-based systems
  • Formal methods for digital twins and robotic control
  • Combinations of knowledge representation and operational models
  • Formal methods for security and privacy

The group, previously called Precise Modeling and Analysis (PMA), was initiated by professor Ole-Johan Dahl (1931 - 2002).

The group initiated and hosted the honorary doctorate of Donald Knuth, awarded 2002.

For a collection of publications, see the Cristin data base, a central register for research results in Norway.

Tags: formal methods, modelling, verification, specification, ABS, rewriting logic, maude, semantics, distributed systems, digital twins, cloud computing, security and privacy, GDPR
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