Research at the University of Oslo SecurityLab

The SecurityLab conducts research is multiple specific domains including:

  • Exploit Analysis and Ethical Hacking
    Research in exploit analysis and ethical hacking focuses on analysing new methods used by hackers and cyber criminals. The SecurityLab also organises training courses in ethical hacking.
  • Identity Management
    Research in the area of identity management has been carried out under the Lucidman project funded by the Eureka and the Franco-Norwegian Foundation, as well as by the OffPAD project funded by Eurostars. The main outcome of these projects is the OffPAD (Offline Personal Authentication device) prototype which currently is being programmed to support various use-case scenarios.
  • Hardware-Enabled Security
    Research on hardware-enabled security focuses on investigating hardware support for specific security services, in particular the use of TPM (Trusted Platform Module) for bood security and integrity measurements, as well as the ise of the Intel SGX (Software Guard Extensions) to support trusted computing in enclaves which are isolated domains within the microprocessor memory.
  • Biometrics
    Research on biomterics focuses on biometric fusion, in particular by using subjective logic for score-level fusion. This research is part of the SWAN project managed by NTNU.
  • Network security and threat detection
    Research on network security focuses on semantic representation of threats and their indicators, and on applying statistical methods and machine learning for automated classification of cyberthreats. This research is part of Oslo Analytics funded by the Norwegian Research Council.


  • Oslo Analytics
  • OffPAD (Offline Personal Authentication Device)
  • ACT (Semi-Automated Cyber Threat Intelligence)
  • TOCSA (Threat Ontologies for Cybersecurity Analytics)
  • ABRI (Advanced Belief Reasoning in Intelligence)
  • SWAN (Secure Access Control Over Wide Area Networks)

Available Master Projects


The SecurityLab collaborates with industry and academic partners nationally and internationally. Visiting researchers and internship students are hosted regularly.

SecurityLab (IFI) is a member of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).

Active participation on:

  • OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Technical Committee
  • OASIS Open Command and Control (OpenC2) Technical Committee
  • OASIS Biometric Services (BIOSERV) Technical Committee
  • OASIS Privacy by Design Documentation for Software Engineers (PbD-SE) Technical Committee
  • OASIS Cross-Enterprise Security and Privacy Authorization (XSPA) Technical Committee


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