BETTEReHEALTH — Human, technical and political factors for better coordination and support of e-health in Africa

BETTEReHEALTH aims to increase the level of international cooperation in eHealth, inform and strengthen end-user communities and policy makers in making the right decisions for the successful implementation of e-Health. BETTEReHEALTH will lead to increased opportunities for stakeholders in Africa and Europe with the overall aim of better health outcomes through better healthcare accessibility and higher quality.

Duration: 2021-2022

Funding: EU CSA — Coordination and support action

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Within this project, the University of Oslo is in charge of capacity building and innovation-promotion activities to ensure user involvement, user centeredness, sustainability and increased accessibility in e-health services. 

Other partners:

SINTEF, Norway (coordinator)
Cluster Sfax HealthTECH, Tunisia
Ghana Health Service
Health Information Systems Programmes Ltd, Malawi
University of Gondar, Ethiopia
Jimma University, Ethiopia
Etablissements Lievens Lanckman, Belgium
Helder Resultaat, Netherlands
University of South-Eastern Norway
Norwegian Centre for E-health Research
Tags: health information systems, Africa
Published Mar. 5, 2021 11:34 AM - Last modified June 14, 2022 1:34 PM