CONTENT: Content Networks and Services for Home Users (completed)

About the project

The CONTENT Network of Excellence targets a key area of Information Society Technologies, namely Content Delivery Networks for Home Users, as an integral part of Networked Audio-Visual Systems and Home Platforms.

CONTENT aims to build the European Research Area in this important communication topic by integrating a group of experts with the purpose of taking forward the state of the art and increasing European leadership in Content Networks. The overall goal of the CONTENT Network-of-Excellence is to integrate the research efforts of the members to address the technical challenges at the different system levels to enable easy-to-install and easy-to-use AV services in and between homes. In particular, the main technical objective will be to boost the potential of European Community Networking by improving Content Distribution infrastructures for the delivery of live (streaming) content and interactive stored content, and by integrating, in an open way, tools and mechanisms that would enable the curation of multimedia assets and their subsequent access for the benefit of the communities of users, producing a set of appropriate services for them, both in the context of the long tail or applied to (re-purposed) assets created by traditional broadcasters.

We seek to integrate our research expertise on the different levels of (overlay) networks and services for AV content and put special emphasis on the new challenges that arise from community networks and future end-user services for AV content. This leads to three system planes that need to be addressed concurrently: (a) community networks: covering the home networking infrastructure and the access network; (b) overlay networks: proving and end-to-end view for AV services, and (c) content service networks providing a set of services and the composition of simple services to more complex ones. Furthermore, we address the fundamental tradeoffs between non-functional requirements, like efficiency vs. resilience within the planes and between the planes. This requires a well designed coordination between the system planes. In parallel, the consortium will perform exchange, education and training of personnel inside and outside the network, dissemination of research results and, in general, spreading of excellence.

The joint programme of activities aims at the creation of a self-standing virtual centre of excellence that should result in developing the necessary means for achieving a durable integration of the research capacities. The joint programme of activities includes those aimed at integration, as well as activities related to the spreading of excellence and dissemination of results outside the network. CONTENT will continue the idea initiated in E-NEXT of investing in the education of young researchers through the European Doctoral School of Advanced Topics In Networking (SATIN) to prepare the next generation of researchers for the European Research Area.

CONTENT members draw considerable experience from the current FP-6 NoE E-NEXT, and will achieve these objectives through its focused Joint Research Workpackage, harmonized by a network coordination committee, and interacting with network coordination, integration, spreading excellence and dissemination workpackages, with guidance from an Industry Advisory Board.


01-jan-2008 - 31-des-2008


Program: IST-2005-2.41.6 Networked Audio Visual Systems and Home Platforms Network of Excellence

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